As Mike Ashley’s breathless race to not appoint a Newcastle Head coach any time soon continues, the World and his dog have been having their say on the situation.

Somewhat bizarrely, a lot of the press, including the locals, have gone down the route of saying that it is actually a GOOD thing that United haven’t got around to appointing a replacement for Alan Pardew.

gary linekerThe reasoning being that these two and a half weeks have been spent carefully analysing the possible candidates, unlike daft clubs such as Crystal Palace and West Brom who stupidly employed new managers within days.

Two clubs incidentally who won their Premier League games at the weekend and are both still in the FA Cup, albeit having played non-league clubs in the FA Cup – though still no excuse for Newcastle’s latest embarrassment at Leicester.

However, what the delaying tactics are really all about, at least for most Newcastle fans, has been spoken outloud for a change from somebody outside Tyneside.

Step forward Gary Lineker who used his Twitter account to say;

“Brilliant tactics from Newcastle board to delay appointing their new manager so they don’t have to buy any players in the transfer window.”

Brilliant tactics indeed, if the intention is to not buy anybody in the transfer market and ensure there is no lift given to the club by a new credible permanent appointment.

No doubt Mike Ashley is waiting to pat Penfold (Lee Charnley) on the back when the target of Premier League safety is achieved once again, the Newcastle United owner gambling as always with our hopes and fears.

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  • PJR09

    And how would big ears know that to be true ? It seems everybody including the Mag wants to slate NUFC all the time. Dont get me wrong I dont like the regime either but lets not forget the Mag – Back Page -Black & White etc live off the club. Is it not a good idea to make sure we get the right guy or would you rather a quick appointment of Carver or Bruce ? I notice its now Penfold and Carver Stone etc are all shite – who next can you call. Lets have some positives, info about the potencial new manager and backroom staff but not urhh hes shite hes crap etc.

  • mentalman

    I would rather them take their time than end up with a pulis, nufc are an easy target for the likes of Linekar who obviously had nothing better to tweet on that day. As for it being a delaying tactic to avoid buying players i have 2 points to raise;
    1 – has fatty ever needed an excuse or a tactic not to buy players in the past.
    2 – it has been widely publicised that the head coach will not be involved in transfers so why would this be stopping the club buying anyone, its not as if a new head coach is going to come in and decide we dont need a new striker and central defender & if he does then is he right for the job

  • mijmo

    Rarely bother with the Mag these days cause I’m sick of the constant negativity and moaning that goes on. If Newcastle are looking to appoint a Head Coach rather than a Manager have you bothered to consider the new new appointment will have no control over any new players coming into the club? In my opinion Lineker is stirring things up as usual and hoping to boost his twitter profile at the same time.

  • Jim, you and Dean should sign off as ‘Bellend’ if you get satisfaction from calling Charnley names solely because he wears glasses. How old are you both, 12?

  • NotFatFreddy

    If only Ashley and Penfold had the same breathless desire and appetite for the Toon as some have for pizza, then we could be somebody!

  • LeazesEnder

    mentalman tell that to the Chronicle boys…they still endow the position of manager with omnipotent magical powers!

  • supermacsnewname

    why can’t I keep  supermacas my new name – I hate new systems

  • wor monga

    You and Lineaker must be the only two Toon critics connected
    to the World Wide Web that haven’t heard about the club not needing to have a
    Manager/ Head Coach in the loop when it comes to signing any new players.

  • Demented_Man

    wor monga It makes no difference whether the official job title is Head Coach or Manager.  Newcastle will simply claim all their energy and resources went into appointing a new man and unfortunately there was no time to worry about signing new players.  Lineker has got it spot on.
    You can bet they won’t be too busy when it comes to selling players, though.

  • mijmo


  • dav_art

    Virsino  Same as calling Obertan ‘Squidward’  Mature debate it is not.