Former Newcastle goalkeeper and now St.Johnstone manager, Tommy Wright, has been reminiscing about his days at St.James’ Park and especially life under Kevin Keegan.

A popular figure amongst Newcastle fans who were around in the 80s and 90s, Wright does though appear to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder about the former United boss.

kevin keeganThe now St.Johnstone manager saying ‘…it was all about him (Keegan)’ when Newcastle got beat and that Terry Mac had to regularly coax him out of his ‘huff’.

Tommy Wright speaking to the Scotsman newspaper;

“Kevin Keegan once described me as the best sweeper-keeper in the world. Nine months later he fri**in’ sold me. That summed up our relationship

“He had knowledge, all managers need that, but he was very off the cuff. No structure, it was the old Liverpool way of training with small-sided games.”

Better than the rest;

“His attitude was; ‘We’re better than the rest’, which can give you confidence but he didn’t take defeats well. Back at training he would mope around in the huff with Terry McDermott having to tell him – ‘Come on gaffer, the lads want you to join in’.”

“He would be personally affronted by losing, it was all about him.” Keegan always had his favourites while Ossie Ardiles picked the same team without fail.”

Ruud Gullit;

“You could say I got Ruud Gullit the sack from Newcastle but that is probably not quite true.

“I only played one game for him and bloody eventful so it was.”

THAT derby;

“Just before the Tyne & Wear derby he told me I was in. We were training, about to do set-plays, and John Karelse, who’d played until that point, trotted into position. Ruud said ‘No no, John, Tommy, you go’, that was it.

“He didn’t deal with people, which cost him, he left out Alan Shearer and Duncan Ferguson for that game and we lost.”

  • GToon

    I read this as “Keegan cared”. Dont think there’s a Toon fan in the land that smiles after a defeat so why should KK.

  • PeterRobson

    And unlike a lot of managers, he took each loss as a personal fault of his own !!!
    He felt exactly the same hurt as the rest of us when we lost and for that he will always hold a place in the hearts of any true Newcastle United supporter !!!

  • Jarra MIck

    This back handed compliment should cheer up every toon fan. Keegan was the same as the fans. It used to take me a full week to get over a defeat now 20 minutes after a defeat and we’re talking about something else. I would call this the Ashley effect, he really has sucked the life out of the club.

  • A lex

    This is no criticism, it’s about the pride and true heartfelt passion of a man trying to deliver the very best for Geordies. Incomparable to the attitude of the current shameful shower.

  • mrkgw

    What we would all give to have the old times of Keegan et al back. How since our club has plummeted and has been thoroughly destroyed by the parasites currently in charge. Charnley and Ashley out!

  • Maximus Moose

    KK`s teams played the best premiership football ive ever seen !

  • wor monga

    Keegan was the best
    thing to happen to the NUFC…(we all love Sir Bob, and what he achieved here, but
    we needed to get him in 30yrs earlier (the 70’s) when he was fit and turning Ipswich
    Town from a backwater into a top club, and he would have crawled to the Toon,
    up the A1, all the way over broken glass). Instead the clubs ‘head shed’ saddled
    on us with managers who were simply ‘no hopers’, ‘also rans’ or purely ‘yes men’…until
    things changed and they give us Keegan.
    Everybody was behind
    Kevin…he give us everything we had never experienced football wise since Milburn,
    Mitchell, Hughie or even McCracken, but then just as quickly he took the huff…and
    walked away…unforgivable in my book to walk away from this club, and it’s
    supporters like that…and I can see what Wright is getting at here…

  • toonterrier

    A god who was treat like sh/t by the present clueless clowns now running our club. Never a dull day or game under KK and if the owner had a even a little bit of a footballing brain would have backed the man to the hilt instead of undermining him with a clown like Wise. Where would we be today with KK and a bit of financial backing from the greedy git in charge.

  • GToon

    Jarra MIck aye, when we lost at home 2-1 in the monsoon to the mackems i couldn’t speak for days i was so sad and angry. this year i watched it on tv at my mates and when i got home my wife thought we had won cos i wasnt going mad. i even expected us to lose. “pardewed” and the “ashley effect” – quite a good name for a band!

  • PeterRobson

    A lex Spot on and it shows he felt exactly the same pain as us when we lost, except he felt it perhaps a bit more because it was him managing !!!

    He gave everything humanly possible to the club and fans !!!

  • No Brainer

    Andy cole andy cole when he gets ball he scores a goal when he got sold we got sh*t when we got sh*t keegan quit

  • Vito Genovese

    Pardew was smiling smugly after his latest defeat to the people from down the road. Keegan ALWAYS smiled after derby games probably due to his 100% record!!!!!

  • magpiefifer

    We are well aware of Keegan’s flaws,BUT we had a great time under his management when SJP rocked!
    Now it’s the opposite with the cynical,parasites in charge – stay away until Ashley sells up!!!

  • jonnynufc

    Keegan was without a doubt one of the best managers in the world. The first time he left it was because shepard told him that he was gone at the end of the season anyway and the second time because Ashley had made the job unmanageable, all top managers came out and said they would have left. It’s only pathetic failure s like pardew and carver who would grovel and snivel for any job they could get. Sp what if one goalkeeper who is bitter about getting sold didnt like him, a lot of the players loved him and was reflected in the way they played for him.

  • No Brainer

    Oh dear you need to think again he is undoubtedly a newcastle hero. However you need to ask fulham man city and england fans whetger he is a good manager.
    as for tge reason he left as manager first time you need to read his own book his own words.
    You are wrong.