I’ve just seen a poll elsewhere which says who fans want to see as the next Newcastle Head Coach.

The overwhelming favourite in that poll, with somewhere near 40%, is Remi Garde (pictured).

newcastle head coachSo I’ve had a look at his record to find out what might be the cause of this extraordinary enthusiasm on Tyneside. Looking at his record, he reminds me of someone we know a bit better – Alan Pardew.

His only managerial experience is 3 years at Lyon. Lyon is one of the 3 or 4 biggest teams in France – so you would sort of expect them to be in the top 3 or 4 positions in the league.

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Before Garde took over, Lyon experienced a golden age. Under Paul le Guen, Gerard Houllier and Alain Perrin, they won the league every year from 2001 to 2008. In the 3 years following that they finished 3rd, 2nd and 3rd. Under Garde they finished 4th, 3rd and 5th.

In his defence it is pointed out that he had very limited finances available to him.

On his record, the best that can be said of him is that he achieved mediocre results under a tight budget – does that remind you of anyone?

Perhaps there’s a part of us that thinks an exotic foreigner is bound to be better than a boring old Englishman – the next 3 places in the poll I was mentioning were all Europeans, and (with the exception of Frank de Boer) I would lay money that not many of us had heard of any of them before Pardew’s departure.

But think on this. A guy called Daniel Finkelstein does an occasional column in The Times where he looks at things we all think are true about football, then looks at the statistics to see if they back them up.

One of the things he looked at a while back was the effect which managers had on their teams results over the long-term. He took it as his starting point that, as a general rule, the more money a team spent – the higher it should expect to finish.

So then he looked to find out which managers managed to get their teams to over perform (i.e. to do better than the money spent should lead them to expect). In the Premier League era he only found 3 managers who consistently beat the odds – Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Sam Allardyce.

Now that article was written a year or two back and I daresay things may have changed since then. But maybe if we’re looking for someone to finally bring some silverware to St James’ we should be looking closer to home – and if history is anything to go by, it wouldn’t harm to have a look north of the border.

So here’s a suggestion from left-field – Derek McInnes. Manager of Aberdeen, currently top of the SPL.

  • PJR09

    The Mag ! where do you dream this shite up from your worse than ECron and Journal

  • nilos99

    He got Bristol City relegated from the Championship. He was abysmal.

  • toonintexas

    We already have a head coach we need ashleys assistant

  • Geordie Zebra

    No, ta.

  • mentalman

    Lyon dropped down in the league because of PSG’s new owner spending millions and having to continuously sell their best players so you can’t really blame remi garde for that

  • DownUnderMag

    As has already been covered, comparing Houllier and Perin’s reigns to Garde’s is like comparing Robert Di Matteo’s West Brom management to his time at Chelsea and saying he suddenly became great overnight.   Garde took over from those managers under totally different circumstances.  Lyon totally overspent in order to win those titles under the previous managers while garde had to constantly sell players and had no money to spend, under the circumstances he performed small miracles in constantly developing new players through the system and improving those he did have.  is he the best manager out there?  No of course not, BUT for us he seems an ideally suited candidate because of his relative success at Lyon under very similar transfer policy and development setup to what we have at NUFC.

    Thing that sets him apart from Pardew is that Pardew required players buying for him who either performed well and were sold off, or gradually seemed to get worse.  Garde had a track record of taking good players, making them better and then selling them…there is a huge difference.  From our point of view, despite that would be the ideal scenario for Ashley, it also means we have a better chance of improving our squad over time rather than see talent go to waste because of Pardew undermining them or expecting them to play out of position or not to their strengths.


    The article was a good read up until you mention Derek Mcinnes! Then it just stops. I don’t know anything about him. You just drop his name and run. Why do you think he’d be good for NUFC? What system would he bring? Anything ! Tell me …

  • cwtoon88

    Garde did a brilliant job at Lyon, big difference between him and Pardew he developed players and the team played positively despite the restrictions

  • Steve1221

    You can’t blame Garde for it!! It’s the exact same situation Pardew was in

  • Toonbadger

    NUFCANADA  Do you really want to know? I don’t, non starter

  • Jimminie Crickett

    Not sure why Moyes hasn’t been mentioned more. I would take him over all the other managers mentioned.

  • babeandbp

    I agree with NUFCANADA. The article is really well written and then just stops as soon as McInnes is mentioned. Where are the facts to support the suggestion? Frankly, there are several ‘possibilities’ north of the border, and I agree that perhaps Garde simply sounds a bit exotic to many supporters. 

    It’s interesting to note that McLaren and Laudrup have shortened massively in the betting in the last 24 hours.

  • Peter Moustachley

    Actually Garde was a coach for Lyon during that ‘golden age’ so he had a big part in them winning the titles. As highlighted in the coaching section here on wiki: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rémi_Garde

  • No Brainer

    Other factors in his success have be the demise of celtic through a belief there is no competition and the fact there is no rangers it shouldn’t be a surprise he is being successful right now

  • No Brainer

    There is of course a sea change in the competition now in france whuch means that league is no longer a level playing field it was when lyon where winning