Straight to the point, I run a business and everything is centred around customer satisfaction.

Without good feedback our business would struggle and I imagine most companies are like this

newcastle unitedStep in Newcastle United, the business.

Some of us don’t like calling it such but at the end of the day, removing emotional attachment, it is what it is.

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So we all say we love our club, then as a customer why do we put up with shoddy workmanship?

My point is simple, why would you pay for a inferior job carried out in your house? You wouldn’t.

It really is time for all fans to unite and fight for what we believe in.

We are turning into wimps regarding Newcastle United matters, fans should organise and demonstrate together this time for the good of the club.

You would not put up with this in your own home, so come on, let’s show them there is still fight in this old dog called Newcastle United.

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  • StephenBear

    How did this one get past the filter?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Totally agree with this article. fact is though we could do with some help. This is how the Scots are trying to deal with Ashley –

  • No Brainer

    Not sure how you run your business, but i agree that customer satisfaction is right up there with many factors that will contribute to its success.
    These include
    Honesty-Newcastle never tell lies now about what they are doing they don’t say much but they don’t lie.
    Value for money- the club it seems to me provide the best possible product for its income from its customers, and is striving to improve that year on year with significant improvements in its playing squad for example.
    Enrique – Santon
    Debuchy – Janmatt
    Dummett – Bassong
    Cabaye – De Jong (we are waiting but expecting
    Ba – Perez a much better prospect
    Tiote – Colback and we still get to keep Tiote
    Barton – Abeid
    Nolan – Sissoko
    Williamson(because hopefully he will be gone – We desperately need one of these
    Carroll – Cisse goals wise and value Cisse kicks his butt.

    You can also add as improvements to the squad of Cabella Aarons, Haidara. 

    Stability- I think we are all sure that the club will not be in a position to fail like it did when KK spat his dummy out over Xisco, Being in a position to spend C£25 in a January window is really important not many of our competitors can do that and you will continue to see massive fluctuations in performances on the pitch due to this. 

    Confidence – I know that club is looking to improve the offering it delivers to its customers its facilities  for player development will very soon be the equal of the very best in all of Europe, its collection of exciting youngsters is improving and will create either players good enough to take us higher in the league and or income to purchase other players.

    The club and its owner has stated that money the club makes will never be taken out of the club from operations (after relegation the owner stated he would lend the club 18m and it had to be paid back). It seems to date he has kept to his word, we have now a significant pot.

    It is important that the pot is used wisely and spent on £28m or £97m extravagances. why?
    Lukaku what a waste everton did with all of their excess TV money
    Bale – Real Madrid have Isco who many feel is every bit as good.

    That way the business is always there for its customers and is continues to do right for its community, a little like a corner shop as it where.

    Maybe it is an irrational hatred of the new owner a bloke from a far, someone upset the nice guy we always loved before. Problem is the new guy is often offering a better service than before but we let our xenophobia thats clouding our judgement.

    Lets be really honest the mistakes Ashley has made
    Upset Kev oh dear every owner upset Kev but he never quite had it did he
    Tried to change the stadium name to get more money to buy players, (if we moved to a new stadium we wouldn’t care if it is called Mrs Muggins Pie shop arena if it meant it cost nowt
    Sold Cabaye-well the bloke had went on strike twice it is a fact that Ashley’s reaction to this is that the guy would allowed this to happen without a replacement coming in was sacked the very next day. What more could he do.

  • paul janes

    Wow! What a spin doctor

  • Hez

    Sickandtiredstill  Rangers fans are protesting and he still continues to invest in the club, he isn’t bothered what fans think, he knows they will still turn up and if they don’t the TV money or future CL money is there,

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Yeah, the guy is a pure Saint and this club is one cracking example of giving the customer what it wants or even pays for.

    Honesty – Ashley & Co were slammed during the KK tribunal for their dishonesty. What of Llambias’s statements regarding the direction of the club and challenging for everything? How does that tally with the now aim of mid table survival? The owner hasn’t spoken a word to his customers.

    Players – Ba for Perez? hahaha! Buy cheap, sell high and repeat the process. That is the only strategy in play here. Over 20 million profits (closer to 30 now) since 2008 on sales which has not been reinvested. Significant improvements???

    VFM – 129.7 million revenue and expected profits over and above 50 million in this years accounts. No domestic or Euro cup competition. The club still has 129 million of debt to Ashley which has not been paid down in anyway in almost 8 years now. Significant improvements???

    Stability – KK, Wise, Kinnear, Xisco, Houghton’s sacking, Pardews arrival and departure, players sold mid season and not replaced. All of this is hardly a shining example of stability.

    Confidence – take a look at Southampton and tell us how a club of this size and revenue stream cannot be duplicating that approach. They sold, but replaced immediately. They brought in a great manager. Their BoD has footballing aspirations, a point which you seem to completely ignore in regards to Ashley as he has none at all.

    Operations – as stated, the club has not reinvested the profits from player sales to date. You say they won;t take money out of operations, yet our commercial stream is affected badly by profits going to SD from the loss of our merchandising/retail operation. Ground advertising as we all know is given to SD for nothing. Truth is, Puma probably got the shirt sponsorship so SD could get a better deal with the brand in it’s stores. As for Wonga – well enough has been said about that fiasco. Any other commercial revenue has actually fallen in real terms under Ashley.

    My own dislike of Ashley is neither irrational nor xenophobic, which it must be said is the stock response from all of his supporters. He is no different to how Westwood, Seymour or Mckeag ran this club, except now the profits are huge and Ashley himself or his other business is reaping the profits rather than the football club.

    If you think or try to suggest he wanted to change the stadium name for improving the footballing team than all I can say is you are plainly an appeasing Ashley supporter.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Hez Sickandtiredstill TV money for Rangers is absolutely nothing like ours, not now and not even if they crawl back up and then into the CL. That would also take investment in the team of the sort Ashley has not shown himself happy to do. The point is, some people do care even if he doesn’t. I only wish our own MP and others would take the same line with regard to his activities here and at Oldham.

  • scotty63

    Sickandtiredstill Hez I think its all about Rangers Retail for the FCB. There are Rangers fans all over the world will buy tops irrespective – that’s where the money is for him in this instance.

  • Paul Patterson

    No Brainer  Are you happy with the current running of the club?
    Could it be run better?
    Are you happy with the product you see?
    Answer these and get back to us . .

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill Don’t let facts get in the way.
    Yes I would sell Perez for Ba any day

    VFM £129m of debt is just part of the purchase price and it remains interest free rather than the interest bearing securitisation and loans and players who hadn’t been paid for. Had all of our players been fit through the season or even just our goalies then we would be higher in the league and probably beating Sheff utd in the cup tonight just to be betaton of Chelsea in the final rmember that is a cup run as was the qtr final of the europa

    Stability – Kinnear’s record as a manager was poor but not as poor as shearer’s anbd would have probab;ly kept us up thank god he didn’t as owen would have signed that contract.Houghton’s sacking was the right one he isn’t good enough for NUFC or Norwhich for that matter.

    Confidence- Southhampton’s change of approach to their youth poilcy started a long time ago long than 8 years so it is right that we have in the past 4 years made significant improvements. Which we have fact. Southampton have not got such a deep squad as we are seeing the problems of that just now, we were every bit as good against them a fortnight ago.
    It seems the puma money wonga money and other commercial deals have put nufc in the strongest commercial position they ever have been deloitte independent assessment.

    You are wrong

  • No Brainer

    Paul Patterson No Brainer
    1. Yes, it is miles better run than most premier league clubs
    2. Yes, (needs to be better at communication, and a little faster with reactions, communications. 
    3. More often than not. I’ve been watching since 1981

  • Paul Patterson

    No Brainer Paul Patterson  Well your happy with deliberate failure.
    Read that back to yourself ‘DELIBERATE failure.
    To answer my own questions:
    1. The club is ran to make maximum profit for one man (Mike Ashley) and not the club. That’s not helping the club, it hindering it.
    The aim is top 10, no more, (Lets not forget, we don’t want Europe after all).
    2. The club have free advertising. FREE. That’s hindering profit for the club. THE CLUB- Not Mike Ashley. It’s deliberately annoying it’s customers. It tarnishes club legends without so much as a second thought. The club has become a toxic brand for it’s customers to buy into (Yet they still do). It doesn’t want to win anything- God forbid a cup run/win, because that would mean that Europe thingy.
    3. I’ve been happy with the product, even when trophies and glory were close to hand but just out of reach. But now the whole process of watching a match is a chore, nothing to look forward to and you actually feel like you shouldn’t be there and could be doing something else.
    I don’t like looking at the club anymore. It’s a joke. It’s set up for one mans benefit and could be much better.
    Shepherd and the Halls may have had their faults, but you would struggle to bankrupt Newcastle these days (Like we were told was going to happen) it may or may not have happened under Shepherd, but a couple of years after he and the Halls sold, the TV revenue came in and would have changed whatever debt was there.
    Mike Ashley has no excuses for the lack of investment, lack of ambition and approach to running a football club- Of which he hasn’t a clue how to do.

  • toon tony

    The FCB is a crook..get him out.

  • vbhgft

    Paul Patterson No Brainer Do YOU want Europe? I know damn sure I don’t. Neither do the 20,000-25,000 who stayed away from most of our turgid Europa League games.

  • No Brainer

    Paul Patterson No Brainer I really can’t see what your on about  with “‘DELIBERATE failure.” I’m wondering whether your pulling me on grammar and then followed that up with “it hindering it.”????? Shallow!

    The club is ran to make maximum profit for one man (Mike Ashley) and not the club. That’s not helping the club, it hindering it.
    He knows a more successful club will offer more response for the advertising he shares for free with those paying corporate sponsors wonga, coors, thomas cook  and puma all of whom can be seen regularly through out each game. Its probably worth around £100K per year in what can be charged. So for all it’s worth he is trying to increase nufc exposure. If you can point to any cash payment from nufc to MA then i will change my tune (save the stated £18m loan from relegation season).

    The clubs minimum is aim is 10th place and it targets its players at that as a minimum unlike all other premier clubs who pay their bonus just for turning up.  This is surely a motivator to do even better i personally believe we should/will be looking at a 7th place finish this year.

    You are avoiding the cup run to the qtr final this year which was fouled up by a third choice keeper it is difficult to accuse Ashley of that as he would have surely ensured they would be back for the league games to “ensure that mid table finish”

    Hall sold up as he was done and could not do more he was desperate not to allow the club to go bust this was his only option on the table as many others had talked but not had the money. Your deluded about the TV money it has not been taken out of the club.

    The club will not be given money by Ashley it’s not really allowed any more approximately £4m per year for FFP but then again why should he with all the abuse he receives?
    How on earth can you think he hasn’t a clue when he has amassed a squad that nufc has has money in the bank.

    Your still wrong

  • No Brainer

    vbhgft Paul Patterson No Brainer We agree on most I do and i think we could reasonably take this squad to away europa league games in the group stage and have little affect on home league form

    Ryan Taylor
    S Taylor


  • paul janes

    No Brainer
    Just drop the er

  • Sickandtiredstill

    vbhgft Paul Patterson No Brainer beating the likes of Barcelona again at home? I sure would like that, but I’m never going to see it under Ashley

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Paul Patterson No Brainer Too true, mate. 89 million in debt under Shepherd/Hall. What did that bring in real terms? How about CL football. How about KK, Cole, Beardsley, Shearer, Ferdinand, Ginola etc. A modernised and expanded ground. Top 5 finishes and two FA cup finals. Now we have 129 million of debt, a shite team, no manager, no ambition and compete in no competitions while Ashley/SD siphon off the profit. Some folk on here really have short, if any, memories.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Paul Patterson The cup run failure is now Jak Alnwicks fault is it? FFS man, is there anyone else you care to blame except Ashley? By the way, his plan ensured we sold Forster and brought in Greene as a replacement. yet another example of downgrading. And of course JC dropped 7 players. 
    How on earth do you believe advertising was/is only worth 100K a year to the club? Complete bollox that.
    Mike Ashley owns SD, therefore the advertising is benefiting him and the merchandising/retail profits go to him. He is quite factually therefore taking money out of the club in the same we he does at Oldham and now Rangers.
    TV money was coming and had absolutely nothing to do with Ashley. Actually it has more to do with us as TV wouldn’t show up as regularly if only 25000 of us are making up the crowd. 
    I think you are a club stooge.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Here, just take a read of these as you clearly have no clue what you are talking about and instead wish to peddle pro Ashley propaganda.


  • SusanCommon

    scotty63 Sickandtiredstill Hez spot on scotty. it was reported ashley has agreed 26% of the capital in renters retail limited also 50% of the shirt sponsor proceeds wed season 2017-2018 as well as sealing some deal regarding Rangers registered Trade Marks.   i also agree with the article above tho i no longer see the majority of Toon fans as like minded fans like i used too.dave dc

  • Sickandtiredstill

    And more, from the very few words Ashley has ever spoken – Daily Mirror Sep ’10

    ‘Why do Sports Direct not pay Newcastle United for the dozens of their adverts around St James’ Park?’ And, ‘How much would that advertising worth if it was sold to another company?’
    Ashley’s response?
    “I think I summed it all up in my previous statement. Those relationships are very beneficial to Sports Direct and its shareholders. And I think that nothing else needs to be said.”

    Some detail eventually came from an aide when the AGM has finished.
    Newcastle’s retail arm, which has been taken over by Sports Direct is worth £3.4m of business to the company. That’s £3.4m off Newcastle’s turnover, including whatever profit it brings.

  • SusanCommon

    Sickandtiredstill spot on again scotty….and in the short term (as per rangers v hearts) he will have sports direct adverts as the prime focus on only televised game but of course games can be seen on the internet as well around the world. still in the short term once rangers do get back into the top tier he will be nicely placed for at least 2 home derby games which will be beamed across the world to a massive audience………..ashley is biding his time and is planning ahead for himself  just like he did at newcastle with 10 year price freezes then shaft the fans with dire football and shaningans on and off the pitch. dave dc

  • No Brainer

    The 89m of debt did not include the players who had not been paid for and the securitisation of extended stands is not debt it is provisional payment against income from sales.
    cole 70 apps sold ginola 58 apps sold ferdinand 68 apps sold just who are these historic legends you speak of.
    keegan resigned what are you on about
    some people on here gave really selective memories.

  • No Brainer

    Oh and it was just two finals in 16 years of hall

  • Sickandtiredstill

    “I think I summed it all up in my previous statement. Those relationships are very beneficial to Sports Direct and its shareholders. And I think that nothing else needs to be said.”

    Alright Wendy/Charnley or whoever you are. Your comments sadly do not reflect the reality of the situation and I remain at a loss as to why you defend the man.

  • No Brainer

    I assume that the significant change in tone is down a realisation that rose tinted glasses have clouded your view. Gaving the facts laid out can be a real ball breaker. Yes sports direct do benefit from its owners relationship with nufc. That us true . Nowt wrong in that though is there really.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Rose tinted? Hahahaha! No mate, I can manage to read and make my own mind up, rather than listen to your one sided opinionated and incorrect defence of a greed machine. You are seemingly happy to do a ‘Stevie Wonder’ when it comes to your mate Ashley. I truly hope the Scots MP’s manage to haul his lardy arse before Parliament. Then again, I’m sure you’ll defend him still.

  • vbhgft

    No Brainer ..and those finals were under dreadful managers in Dalglish and Gullit in poor league seasons.

    Ginola was dreadful in many of games, particularly under Dalglish. Dalglish sold Ferdinand when he never should have done, presumably sanctioned from above. That lost us the league, in my opinion. Oh and Keegan sold Cole…

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill he was talking in the context of the sports direct agm and there to anser sports direct questions.

  • SusanCommon

    Sickandtiredstill defending ashley well scotty i know for a fact that he has his spies out at home and away games and has people reporting back to the club to get people into trouble for various reasons.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill Read the transcript and it more than answers your ignorant comment. As you obviously can;t be arsed to find out facts, here they are for you –

    Keith Hellawell (Sports Direct Chairman) intervenes:
    “This is really… That isn’t for the Annual General Meeting of this company. The first question was, in relation to what benefit the company gain from that. I think in relation to what Manchester United, sorry Newcastle United, and Rangers gain, you’d have to ask them. There’s no one from the board of those companies here. It’s not to do with this company.”
    “Well, there is one member on the board (Ashley).”
    Another director: “Yes, but this is a Sports Direct annual general meeting.”
    “I know. I’m aware of that. I was just correcting that error. Can I direct a question to Mr Ashley? Sports Direct now process and profit from the shirt sales and merchandising through Newcastle United, the website and the club shop. Can you explain how much this trade is worth? Is it a significant part of the business to Sports Direct and do you, Newcastle, share in that profit?”
    “I’ll only answer the same answer as I gave before.”

    “We are really straying beyond the AGM. We’re trying to be helpful.”
    “I would just say the questions are relevant to resolution one in the company accounts and how the company accounts are being boosted by Sports Direct’s very close relationship with Newcastle United and Rangers. That’s why we’re exploring this issue.”

  • martydee1

    Sickandtiredstill  absolutely fantastic post mate, best description of the shambolic circus been played out on barrack road, no brainer should rename themselves brainwashed, you nailed every point you made and backed it up with info, its laughable to read no brainer says we would have stayed up with Kinnear and been playing shef utd tonight if we had our top goalkeeper playing, where’s ya proof ya tool??

  • No Brainer

    Here you go cracker jack
    There is no info backing up his points just opinion and you can look at kinnears points per game ratio and check for yourself whether for the last 8 games it would have kept us up when you have come back.
    In the mean time I’ll sit back and laugh.