News from France this afternoon that Hatem Ben Arfa will not be allowed to play for the rest of this season.

L’equipe have reported that FIFA have contacted both Nice and the French Football Federation to tell them that the Newcastle Under 21 match Hatem played in August against Reading, DOES count as a competitive match.

hatem ben arfaThis means that he has already played for two clubs taking into account his loan spell at Hull, to play for another would be in breach of the rule that forbids players from turning out for more than two clubs in the same season.

Whether there is any appeal process is unknown but even if there was, FIFA have made the decision and they are the governing body responsible, so going back to them again would surely only have the same response.

The French press have also reported that the player’s contract with Nice would be voided if his registration couldn’t be transferred this month.

After their conflict with the player, it is hard not to imagine both Alan Pardew and Mike Ashley having a chuckle on hearing this news today.

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  • ash1001

    So in a nutshell does that mean NUFC still hold his registration

  • Maximus Moose

    ash1001 Nope his contract was cancelled by mutual consent

  • Samcon9

    It’s ok he wouldn’t be doing much running anyway

  • Samcon9

    It’s ok he wouldn’t be doing that much running anyway

  • Polarboy

    I still have to laugh when I think back to that Che Guevara flag with his face on it. I hate Pardew and Ashley as much as the next reasonable person but making Ben Arfa some kind of messianic figure was laughable, the guy is a waste of space when it gets down to the nitty, gritty.

  • Moonraker15

    Sorry for HBA! A great talent as we know :-(

  • No Brainer

    Almost my bamesake No Brain Eh!

  • Mancmag

    Perhaps when we get a new manager he can be loaned back to Newcastle, on favourable terms of course. That could be our new signing for January!

  • Mal44

    I reckon the Toon pulled a fast one here. They would know there was a potential problem and will have paid him off for less than it would have cost in wages up to June when his contract ends. HBA’s agent hasn’t been on the ball.

  • Munich Mag

    Mal44 I was thinking the same…they sold HBA  a side winder…

  • NatTurner

    You have a dismal outlook on life assuming that Pardew and Ashley are having a laugh at Ben Arfa not being able to play for the rest of the season.  Maybe they are spiteful human beings but who are we to assert that.  I feel bad for Ben Arfa.  Half a season is a lot in footballing terms, especially for a 27 year old.  But the lad can’t really blame anyone but himself.  Burning bridges at two clubs in one year isn’t good.  Seems like he’ll get a chance but not too many players get fourth, fifth, and sixth chances.

  • Brownale69

    Waste of talent, theres something not right with this lad, not keen on Mr Bruce but if he couldnt get the lad to work for the team then dont hold out much hope for him.

  • Mal44

    NatTurner  I don’t have a dismal outlook on life; quite the opposite. I do, however, have a low opinion of those that run our football club and wouldn’t put such a move past them; the club has form in that respect. Remember the findings of the KK tribunal which found that ‘The club admitted at the tribunal that it intentionally misled the press, public and fans of Newcastle’. It appears to me that the club are more interested in making as much money as possible rather than investing in a successful football club; it is simply being set up to sell at some point in the not too distant future.
    As it happens later reports suggest everyone knew there was a potential problem but thought that the U21 game wouldn’t count. The player’s agent should perhaps have established that point before the contract termination was agreed.
    For the record I didn’t refer to any individuals and, to the best of my knowledge, Pardew is not involved in any contract negotiations.

  • vbhgft

    Che Guevara has become a porcelain God.

  • RichardBraverman

    He may have created the situation himself…..

    But please explain how this ruling does not sound as if a governing body/organization is actively preventing a man from applying his trade in order to support himself.  

    If the constant blather from THE CITY and Downing Street is free markets, free markets, free markets, open trade, open trade, open trade; and if every legal ruse within the World Trade Organization is used by Multinational Corporations to pry open foreign (3rd World) markets, why is that same right not protected/guaranteed for a worker?  

    How is preventing a man from earning a living in his chosen profession fair.
    Sure he could sell kebabs, but that is not the point.  His rights are being usurped.
    Two sets of rules.  One for the men in charge.  One for everybody else.

  • NatTurner

    Mal44 You said “After their conflict with the player, it is hard not to imagine both Alan Pardew and Mike Ashley having a chuckle on hearing this news today.”

  • Mal44

    NatTurner Mal44  Not guilty your honour. My post made no such comment. Can’t see that anyone else has.

  • NatTurner

    Mal44 Apologies for the confusion.  My first post was directed at the author of the article.  When you responded to it I assumed that you were the author of the article.

  • Mal44

    NatTurner Mal44  Ah, it’s the new system confusing things I think. I got an email with your comment and therefore assumed it was a response to me. I have now altered my settings so this shouldn’t happen in future. Apologies from me too. No harm done.