A bit of a quiet January transfer window so far, it looks like Newcastle United are only going to lose Ayoze Perez, Moussa Sissoko, Tim Krul, Papiss Cisse and Davide Santon…

The ongoing no manager/head coach debacle is thankfully taking up a canny few column inches, so not as much need as usual to make up transfer stuff to fill the Newcastle United part of the sports pages.

sissokoInstead you just pull a name out of the hat who is out of work and once managed a club somewhere in Europe, then BANG!, you’ve got your back page sorted for next Newcastle Head Coach.

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Back to the players and it is Moussa Sissoko making most headlines, though to be fair he has helped generate much of the speculation himself, with further comments about liking Arsenal and wanting bigger club/Champions League ‘some’ day.

With the Frenchman’s teammates though it looks very much as though it is playing transfer speculation by numbers.

The stories/fantasies so far are;

Krul could go to Manchester United because they will shortly lose De Gea (this is same story from a year ago but then it was Spurs losing Lloris).

Santon for AC Milan – the full-back going back to Italy has been a story ever since he got here, shacked up with a Geordie lass, had a kid together, plus for the entire nine months he was crocked! Only slight change now is that now they’ve thrown a part swap deal into the mix for Milan’s striker M’Baye Niang.

Papiss Cisse to Swansea is a new one but only due to them flogging Bony to Man City. Unless Gomis got crocked it looks most unlikely considering the price should drastically fall if Cisse gets through to the summer and has only a year left on his contract.

Ayoze Perez follows the path of any player doing well at Newcastle, we’re guaranteed to be told we are going to lose them even before we’ve started enjoying watching them – this time the ‘bigger’ club is Manchester United where the Spaniard is going to be whisked away to, though no doubt tomorrow they will just cross out United and put City when they use the story again.

Thankfully we look likely to fight off all the offers for Yoan Gouffran, Mike Williamson and Vurnon Anita….

  • SimonM68

    Hey – I’m seeing Willo in a new light. If Sideshow Bob – Luiz can win a place in FIFA’s team of the year at centre half, there’s hope for all!!!

  • The trooper

    one day we might get our club back… one day.

  • NatTurner

    The situation is sad.  We all know we need a striker and a defender, but how many of you would close the transfer window now if you could?  I would.  The team is honestly without Moussa in it.  With this lot none it, none out would be something close to a best case scenario.

  • radgiegadgie

    I gather from the article earlier that Roma are procrastinating about MYM.  If they do sign him, that’s the only time we can expect to see a CB on a permanent deal and only if the right player at the right price comes along.  Best we can hope for if not, is a loan until the season end to cover Taylor.  However, with Santon (as well as Haidaro a decent option), the hierarchy no doubt feel they can use Dummett to cover Collo and Willo.  Bit risky if you ask me.

    As for a striker, I am not sure the club yearns for one as much as the fans do.  The view is likely that De Jong will be back soon, Perez is doing a job and Cisse will be back in a month.  If Cisse is sold, I see the same scenario as if MYM goes permanently.

    There does seem to be a fair bit of smoke – so possibly a fire – with this Milan winger so maybe he will come in cheaply as an opportunistic deal.

    I agree with what seems to be the sentiment of the article and that is the media have no idea of any solid transfer dealings and many of the fans are assuming the worse based on the experience with Ba, Carroll and Cabaye.

  • mentalman

    I’ve read LVG wants Krul because hes an amazing keeper and in the top 2 hes worked with, so this made me wonder who is the other 1, is it de gea or is it the other dutch keeper who LVG picked over Krul for virtually the entire world cup

  • mentalman

    As for sissoko he has already said he is in the middle of contract negotiations for a longer better paid contract maybe his declaration of love for arsenal is a way to get more money

  • Jarmin Geordie

    radgiegadgie apparently Roma are keeping Mbiwa out of the team at the moment because if he plays a certain number of games it triggers a 5.5m permanent transfer clause in the loan deal, are they trying to out Ashley Ashley?

  • Jarmin Geordie

    NatTurner absolutely nowt to do with the article but notice you have a profile pic while a lot of us regulars, that used to have photo on old system,don’t. How do you do it?

  • NatTurner

    Jarmin Geordie I wish I could be helpful.  The new system automatically used my profile pic from Letterboxd, which must use the same system.

  • Polarboy

    Jarmin Geordie NatTurner Put the cursor over your screen name above the comment box at the top, edit profile will come up, click on it, then you just have to click choose a file for your photo.

  • GToon

    Polarboy Jarmin Geordie NatTurner ive just put a pic of my kids on xmas day with their latest shirts. got them janmaat and colback as i don’t think they will be leaving just yet!!!

  • GToon

    The trooper Thats what i am hanging on to. Then we will get all of the media telling us how “mike” saved us and set us up for the future….. while we’ll just spend our time thinking of “what we could have won” as Jim Bowen used to say.

  • radgiegadgie

    Jarmin Geordie radgiegadgie I think they are probably weighing up whether they want him or not.  I am not sure there is an angle there other than p$%#ing him off by leaving it to the last minute.

  • NatTurner

    GToon Great pic.

  • alreet

    Really dont think anyone will come or go this window. Massive transition period even for ash so sissoko will be staying till at least the summer then see who the gaffer is. Santon likes it here. Krul is getting the accent so adopted geordie and cisse will be taken at the end of the season and probs either go back to germany or to a promoted team for around 6 mil.

  • paul janes

    It’s quite depressing to think Ayoze Perez could be on Van Gaal’s wish list although hopefully even Ashley would hang on for bigger bucks in a future window.
    My only personal compensation is he gets none of my money these days.