Thanks to everybody who contributed to the votes for the fans’ choice of the Newcastle team v Hull.

Along with regulars Krul, Colback, Sissoko, Coloccini, Janmaat and Perez, Remy Cabella is now relied upon by the fans with 92% seeing him as a no-brainer to play against Hull today.

With four out of five supporters voting for Mike Williamson (80%), it looks like a big vote of confidence. However, when you take into account that he and Coloccini are the only two available centre-backs due to Dummett’s injury…

Mehdi Abeid does though get that big vote of confidence after those promising displays before injury, the young midfielder picking up 77% support while Anita (9%) and Gouffran (9%) are nowhere.

Santon (62%) gets into the first eleven with Papiss Cisse (62%) grabbing the final place, fans hoping he has safely arrived from Equatorial Guinea and can help Ayoze Perez cause problems for Steve Bruce today.

Massadio Haidara (55%) getting just over half the supporters choosing him but ending up in 12th spot.

The first eleven are in bold with the rest below.

100% Krul

99% Colback

99% Janmaat

99% Coloccini

96% Sissoko

96% Perez

92% Cabella

80% Williamson

77% Abeid

63% Santon

62% Cisse

55% Haidara

23% Ameobi

22% Obertan

19% Riviere

9% Anita

9% Gouffran

3% Armstrong

0% Alnwick

0% Woodman


  • cwtoon88

    How are some morons not voting for Haidara?, Dummett is retarded and Santon had around 20 back to back terrible performances there before injury.

  • Double Carpet

    I think mainly because a lot of people have realised he’s not that good a defender. Looks great going forward, but there’s more to being a decent full back than just that.
    ‘Morons’ and ‘retarded’ though? That’s grown up.

  • Snappermac

    Its called. OPINION you retarded, moron

  • cwtoon88

    Double Carpet Best player on the park the last 2 games and his pace covers the failings of those next to him while he deal with all that’s aimed at him. He is fast makes good tackles does well in the air and is comfortable on the ball and makes some great interceptions, that’s a pretty good defender to me.

    He is a far superior defender to either Dummett or Santon and far superior going forward to Dummett

    Id like you to point out when has Haidara cost us defensively because I can pick out plenty of times Dummett has?

    I honestly believe if he was english and a ‘geordie’ there would be a different reaction to him

  • cwtoon88

    Snappermac Cant debate the point can you mongo?, morons have opinions its just there a morons opinion and should be disregarded

    Or do your EDL/UKIP beliefs not want you to pick a foreigner over a good old englishman?

  • Snappermac

    What an illiterate idiot judging by the time posted full of drink. What a moron.

  • Double Carpet

    Played well yesterday, don’t think he was our best player though. Also wasn’t our best player v Southampton.
    My biggest problem with him is his positional play – he gets stranded upfield too much and against a decent side he gets exposed.
    Secondly, don’t try and brand me with the racism/xenophobia tag. You don’t know me and you couldn’t be more wrong.
    For the record, I think Santon is our best left back. And last time I checked he was neither English nor a Geordie.

  • cwtoon88

    Double Carpet Well that’s your opinion, but you cant deny he has done well, the last couple, personally I think  he has been outstanding and yesterday was a good as a fullback can be

    I can agree he gets forward a lot and can be caught out but 2 of the best LB’s Iv seen ( Cole and Evra) both got caught out at time when they pushed up to support the attack. When you watch someone like Dummett play he gets caught out and he doesnt push up. 

    As well on Haidara he has lacked games and I fully believe he will get better and better the more he plays and when he gets a consistent run in the team, rather than being taken out despite doing well.

    Its interesting that you say Santon is our best LB and you mention Haidara getting caught out of position, as when i have watched Santon play Id say one of his big issues is that he pushed on to much and is caught out of position.

    I think prior to his injury Santon was in a horrible run of form ( part of this I think was due to Pardew not taking him out of the firing line) and id have t go back a long while to think of a game he did well in so I worry how he will come back.

    Personally I think Santon would be better further forward as his best attribute is driving with the ball. I think Santon and Haidara on the left side could work together what do you think?

    I apologise if I offended you but what I said was I think that is an issue  not that you personally were a racist. I generally think if you can debate your point its a fair point

  • cwtoon88

    Snappermac Could you explain what is illiterate about my post? new word for the day for you?

    you still cannot debate the point either I see, well done