Many fans were less than impressed that the Newcastle players are flying out for a break in Dubai after only two wins in twelve matches, only for the trip to look an even bigger joke as it is now revealed that Fabricio Coloccini has been allowed to miss it.

The Captain’s absence is reported by the Guardian to be due to ‘personal issues’.

colocciniNewcastle fans have been incredibly supportive to Coloccini considering that he attempted to walk out on the club halfway through the 2012/13 season in the middle of a relegation fight.

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For most of the two years since that point, his form has been poor to average, yet still United’s highest player by far has managed to avoid much negative attention by supporters.

For me, Coloccini’s role at the club sums up just what a mess Newcastle United are as a whole.

We have an owner who treats us with contempt, a managing director who never utters a word, no manager in place, plus a Captain who never gives interviews on camera to the UK media, instead poor saps like Mike Williamson are forced to go on TV to explain away the latest poor performance.

John Carver was at pains to say that this trip is most definitely not a ‘jolly’ but the caretaker boss is looking increasingly isolated like a teacher taking a load of kids away on a school trip, with less and less at the club making sense and even Carver making comments along the lines of things need sorting.

Maybe Coloccini had to absolutely miss this trip for very good reasons but when you are the Captain and by far the best paid player at the club, it also brings along responsibilities.

Twelve months ago Coloccini was allowed to opt out of a similar team building trip to Abu Dhabi for ‘personal reasons’.

Team building without a manager and without your captain, to a background of deafening silence from the managing director and the owner.

What could possibly go wrong?

  • mrkgw

    The club is a complete shambles from top to bottom. I fully agree with the comments iro the mute approach from the likes of Charnley. None other than pathetic and it only serves to frustrate loyal supporters who ask only for some drive and ambition. Clearly there is none of that from the house of silence that is currently St James.

  • Toonbadger

    He may as well stay in Argentina

  • Brownale69

    Is he the only captain in the Prem who says nowt both on/off the pitch?

  • Don’t really see why this is a massive issue. If he has something he needs to go deal with in Argentina etc then I would much rather he is missing a fairly unimportant warm weather training trip to sort it as opposed to missing games.

  • Maximus Moose

    Roberts Grey Pants He`s always got something to deal with in addition he`s past his sell by date

  • Considering the talent he has got…rather him sort his life out and get on with. Warm weather pish….the north east is where we are.

  • Greekgeordie

    There are two weeks with no game, so if the Captain has personal issues to solve, I rather do it during a break than in a period of league games.
    Where is the problem? Stop building up discontent and concentrate on more important issues such as no manager as yet, Pardew jumped ship, or rather pushed overboard.

  • strider707

    collo was at a birthday party yesterday, while the rest were waiting for the plane, i have pics to prove it

  • DownUnderMag

    As I said about the “training camp” in Dubai, it may work wonders.  If Colo going off to sort personal issues gets his mind focused and back as the rock of our defence then all the better. People really need to stop trying to undermine everything that goes on at the club.  Sometimes the club can’t win – i’m sure if they cancelled this trip to the sun then people would be on complaining that it would hurt morale and the club is shooting itself in the foot.

  • Paul Patterson

    Once a good player but sadly past it and not a Captain . .

  • Jimminie Crickett

    Colo’s career at newcastle has never reached its full potential because he’s never had a def around him that matched his quality. Since being named captain, he has at times tried to make-up for the lack of quality around him by covering every position around him. That obviously puts him out of possition at times.
    I truly believe that if he had a quality CB next to him that he could trust and a HM that would sit just in front that he could trust, he would dominate his position. He’s probably passed it now to dominate, and it’s really a shame that the club never gave him that during his time here.

  • Maximus Moose just don’t see the issue with him dealing this stuff if it doesn’t involve him missing games. Whether he is past his sell by date is another argument entirely but given he is our only half decent defender then im happy to keep him happy for the time being.

  • wor monga

    The team needs every supporter behind them now…it’s a bad
    time without Pardew who had a steadying influence behind the scenes…but the
    whinging and the protesting made him take the easy way out…going to a club
    where the expectations are somewhat more realistic. Collocini has personal baggage
    to handle, but we need him for the next 16 games, and our defence is so fragile
    that without him being in there could be tantamount to the club shuttling off
    into footballs nether regions. Lets all hope and pray that the ‘nobb-ends’
    running this club get it right for once, and bring someone in with enough
    charisma, and baalls to turn it round…eh!!

  • No Brainer

    If he is spending a week of tge two weeks off in argentina with his kids then that is something he as a responsible parent snd the club as a responsible employer should be praised for.

  • Maximus Moose

    wor monga No chance of relegation Colo or no Colo

  • Maximus Moose

    Roberts Grey Pants Maximus Moose He wants to F/O back to Argentina Let Him !!! This has been going on for years

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    Paul Patterson He was NEVER been a good player at Newcastle
    ( in my opinion )

  • Nastynorm

    Can’t stand this bloke, hope we get sum one in that’s got the bottle to get rid of him, he’s a joke of a captain, never seen him open his mouth,no heart,can’t win a header,soft & to much influence in the dressing room,Fonte showed on Saturday what a centre half & captain is all about,the sooner we get rid the better.

  • geordieladdo

    Maximus Moose Roberts Grey Pants  Great Idea!! Then we can all marvel at the performances of Williamson/Dummet for the rest of the season!!

  • Maximus Moose

    No Brainer let’s open a creche whilst we’re on about it

  • No Brainer

    Yes lets, with the government’s schemes to pay for provision we could make some money. We’d have to change our psyche to be nice peeps don’t you think could we manage it

  • Maximus Moose

    No Brainer Lunatic

  • GToon

    Maximus Moose No Brainer Dont give ashley any more ideas – I bet it wont take him long to realise he can cram more babies into the Gallowgate End than fans!!! Joking apart did you know Port Vale actually have a creche as part of their ground. It was paid for by Robbie Williams as a gift to the club and community apparently.

  • GToon

    Brownale69 Nah, he muttered “ok” when my kids thanked him for his autograph.

  • Steve1221

    He was the best defender in the league the year we finished 5th never mind being a good player

  • toonterrier

    Maybe if he is staying at home he could get some heading practise in and then a visit to the barbers for a short back and sides or maybe he is talking to other clubs from his homeland to get his high wages off poor Mr Ashley books. Either way he isnt the player he was and definately isnt a captain but then we aren’t the team we were before the money grabber took us over.

  • magpiefifer

    Agree with the comments in this article – Colo is a liability,an expensive one at that!
    Which other club would have this situation going on!?
    I never feel surprised at events under Ashley’s watch,we’ve had enough experiences over the past 8 years plus to last a lifetime,but there’s bound to be more until this man sells up.

  • Jarra MIck

    How moosey don’t say that man!

  • beardsleys cat

    [email protected] disgrace your captain doing what he wants.

  • Vito Genovese

    You can’t have your captain missing a trip like this. One of the key points will be to team build and him not being present undermines the whole thing.

  • killyted

    for the last few seasons he has always had an injury mid nov and returned to argentina for a little TLC