Daryl Janmaat has admitted that it will be better for everybody once a permanent appointment is made to take over team affairs at St. James’ Park.

The Dutch international says that he likes John Carver and if he gets the job permanently, Janmaat believes he will do a good job.

daryl janmaatHowever, he is only the latest in a line of players to say this and the reality is that when asked, what else could he say!

Daryl Janmaat;

“If it is (caretaker John Carver) then it is good – we like him.

“I think he can do a good job but it will be better when the club makes a statement. “

Waiting for a statement;

“It will be better for everyone as then everybody knows.

“It does not affect us but it will be good when the club makes a statement and says; ‘This is the new coach’.”

One feature of Alan Pardew’s reign was that the players did for the vast majority of the time appear to play for him and like him, even respect him?

Newcastle United is a bizarre enough club under Mike Ashley without having an extra element of unrest created by not having a manager/head coach.

There appeared at times to be almost a siege mentality at times under Pardew, not just with the club overall but especially with just the players and the manager/coaches, which bonded Alan Pardew and his squad together.

If Newcastle don’t make an appointment soon and no decent players are brought in this month, then can you really blame the likes of Krul, Sissoko or Janmaat if they get an offer from an ambitious club and Mike Ashley is willing to sell?

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