Congratulations Mike Ashley, you have officially killed Newcastle United.

Many football fans around the country (except Chelsea, City and Spurs fans – though maybe even some of them ) are smiling and happy to follow football because of the Cup exploits of Bradford, Leicester and the Boro.

mike ashleyThey are happy because it is what football and sport in general is about. It is about hope, excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and ambition. It is about going for it and winning against the odds. It is about your team representing your club, fans and area in a positive way and getting back-up from other fans around the country. It is about trying to do your best. It is something you will never get and , sadly, it means we will never do.

It is not something experienced by reading a ream of financial figures. It is not something you get from assessing stocks and shares. It is not something that you get from staid and inflexible ‘mid/long-term plans’. It is not something you get from sending a faceless Chief Executive to speak to the press as though he was announcing the latest grain harvest. It is something you will never get. It is something Lee Charnley will never get.

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It is why, apart from the season we came 5th, we have had 7 years and counting of stagnation as a football team, despite your obvious success financially.

It is why, despite the fact that we also knocked City out of a cup this season, the feel good factor was short lived because everyone knew we’d got slightly lucky with playing a weakened team, and would continue to do so in the next round at Spurs, because you don’t like Cups taking away our major focus of the year. Of finishing 10th.

So while Bradford, Boro  and Leicester fans can wallow in this for years and remember where they were when it happened; we sit looking at another wasted season. A season dead by January. Again.

A season with no excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and ambition – because you have killed our club.

Although I have been delighted to watch this weekend’s Cup mayhem, it is with a very, very heavy heart.

It could have been us out but it never will be under you Mr.Ashley. Congratulations.

  • A lex

    You under-cooked your final sentence. It should’ve been, “Congratulations, you cnut.”

  • SimonM68

    ” Congratulations Mike Ashley you have officially killed Newcastle United”  He could have just sat on it in 2007 and spared it a lingering death!

  • Demented_Man

    Yes, I’m afraid the 50,000 are turning up to worship a corpse.
    There is only one club in Britain more of a laughing stock than Newcastle under Ashley, and that is Glasgow Rangers.  Is it mere coincidence that Fat Boy is taking such an interest in them?

  • geordieladdo

    He’s not killed NUFC, more like he’s put it in a coma and he’s got it living on a life support machine…
    Accept it or dont go i guess is all can be said… just shame we dont have a figurehead who could unite the fans fully and then we could all go forward in a uniformed manner!

  • toon tony

    Surprise surprise. FCB OUT…. OUT. …OUT

  • ScottDickson

    Congratulations to The Mag also. Got to be claiming an assist for getting rid of a decent experienced manager! Well done!

  • A lex

    ScottDickson Decent and experienced???? Probably the most inept and deceitful liar in the history of NUFC, and most definitely experienced in the art of failure. You just won the “Idiotic Post of the Day” award – congratulations.

  • Mister Tee

    I think it is becoming clear why Pardew left the Club and it had nothing to do with The Mag and very little to do with the fans who had (rightly) had enough of him.
    At Palace Pardew has already brought in a player that he wanted on loan and let a couple go out on loan, giving him an actual feeling of being a football manager, something he probably hadnt felt for about 5 years.
    He will most likely never tell us the exact reasons due to some sort of weird friendship with Ashley but I think it is as likely as you could possibly make out that the real reason he left is because he just wanted to be able to do his own job the way he wanted to do it.
    He is a decent manager, yes, and he knows more about the game than Ashley and Charnley (not really that hard) but we shall see exactly how good he is now. His record at NUFC was nothing special regardless of outside interferences.
    He should of walked the minute Joe Kinnear walked in through the door.

  • mrkgw

    Horrible man, and equally as bad Chairman.

  • newcastle7

    We beat Man City two nil but for you guys it was tragic that we won. Boro win two nil and you love them. You want Pardew out he goes and you not happy.You guys are never happy and never will be.

  • A lex

    Where and what have Boro got to do with things?
    Yes, we wanted Pardew out and, yes, we wanted Kinnear out – the two shields that Ashley pushed in front of us. Make no mistake, the impact of fan protests about both had an influence on why they’re no longer a blight on Tyneside.
    As far as I’m concerned, that’s two down and one to go
    But, you’re right, I won’t be happy, I will be truly ecstatic when we see the back of Ashley. And if fans would stand up for the club and city and protest him out, we’d get out of this situation sooner.

  • MilitantGeordie

    Does anyone else get a feeling of seething rage combined with stomach churning disgust whenever you see a photograph of Mike’s massive head? i was going to expand on what i would like to see happen to him but i’d be banned from this site and possibly placed on some sort of watch list.

  • A lex

    Yes,; I get a similar feeling. He’s got that face you’d never get sick of thumping.
    I’ve often thought that,; were he to do this with any London club, he’d have the serious Capital gangsters sorting him out. And, tell you something, if he starts messing too much with Rangers emotions, I doubt the Glaswegian tough lads will remain on the sidelines.
    [Ok – I’ll now begin to look out for that van with blackened windows in my street :-( ]

  • JRobR

    newcastle7 Yes we will be happy. We’ll be happy when United are a club that wants to and tries to compete. When United are a club the has greater ambition than to finish mid table. When we get to this point in the season and there’s still something to look forward to. Tell me, Simon, what excites you about the rest of this season for United?