Moussa Sissoko has said that if a club is interested in signing him then they need to get in touch with Newcastle United and his agent.

I appear to be suffering a very bad case of deja vu because I’m sure I have read this interview at least two or three times before.

moussa sissokoHowever, this is indeed yet another interview in France with the Newcastle midfielder, on this occasion with Foot Mercato.

As in the previous ones we are told…

Desperate to play Champions League football.

Ambition is to play for a ‘big’ club….

However, loves it at Newcastle, just works hard, knows nothing about any transfer talks in  the background, leaves it all to his agent, blah blah blah.

Moussa Sissoko;

“Everybody knows my agent and so if there is something, they’ll call him directly. Whatever is going on or not, I leave that to my agent.

“I don’t tell myself I absolutely want to leave or not – if that is going to happen, then it will.

“I’m good at Newcastle and I continue to work hard so that I will have the opportunity one day to play for a very big club and I would prefer to stay in the Premier League.”

Leaving in January?;

“It doesn’t just depend on me as I am under contract with Newcastle, so if a club wants me, they need to discuss with my agent and my club.

“Would the club (Newcastle) be willing to let me leave?  Any interested club needs to speak to Newcastle, with my agent, so everyone can reach an agreement.”

“I am 25 years old and I will be 26 years this year (August).”

Champions League;

“My wish is to play the Champions League, I want to play in it, I want to live the big games.

“If I have to leave Newcastle then this is something that I would take into consideration.”

France/Euros 2016 (to be held in France)

“For some time I have been regularly selected (for France) because I am first choice at my club and I have put in good performances.

“I’m not going to leave just to go and sit on the bench, there are many things to consider and to think about (if a club makes an offer) and I would take that decision with my agent.”

  • TonyMarkElsender

    Ok bye now

  • NufcToon

    You don’t need to be putting yourself in the shop window the club will be doing it for you

  • GToon

    Shame he’s said that. Why dont you get players like Danny Ings coming out with similar stuff? It’s gonna make it hard for him to get the fans on his side now even though he doesnt seem to be giving up on the pitch…….yet.
    Poor old Carver. He must be dreading the day after the transfer window, waking up to find out if Santa thinks he’s been good or if Santa thinks he is bad and has sold his best players.
    Makes you wonder what the media agenda is regarding us. You can bet these quotes wont be too recent and yet the media will drip feed us them one at a time as transfer day looms to build up the tension and hope to create a situation where their constant speculation finally pays off and the player leaves. At least thats how it seems to me. We’ve had it before with Carroll and Cabaye. The press cant stand us having a half decent player who might actually want to play for us rather than one of their southern teams.

  • bill black

    Ashley always gets free advertising. He buys players who tell the club when they come if there good players that after a season or two there will let everyone know they are ready to go as they have been watched by the (big) clubs who will play to win in more than 38 games.

  • SimonM68

    Arsene V said to Mike Ashley,
    I’d like your lad whose six foot three
    Fine said Mike, if the price is right,
    We’ll replace him with some….cheap sh!te

  • GToon

    bill black Bill are you suggesting we are trying to win 38 games?!!!! If only. I would suggest the management down to players start off with their sights lowered around 10th and have already given up winning some games before the season starts. Thats how it looks to me anyway.

  • Wossi

    GToon Can you honestly blame him for wanting  to leave to play Champions League football? I can’t see us getting back into Europe for a long while, so if a player wants to leave to further his career I have no problem with that.

  • nufcmag777

    You could just change the name to Cabaye and the club will come out with the same old “we couldn’t stop him he wants CL football or to play for the team he love (Arsenal or PSG).

  • wor monga

    They’re just passing the same old interview around…exactly
    the same as you do with all of those contrived statistical charts which are
    always intended to make the club out to be totally sh*t, and inflame all those Mag
    warriors that talk about revolution and staying away from the club…only problem
    with that is most of them probably live overseas anyway so they are already
    staying away…and the ground is still full every home game.

  • Brownale69

    Cant blame him for bailing out

  • Carver for North Korea

    The January Sales of `Shyte Direct United`  A branch of Shyte Direct !
    Anyone can go !!

  • wor monga

    Any player can be sold from any club…that’s the name of the
    game nowadays…it’s purely a case of the potential buyer meeting the selling club’s
    asking price, along with some pressure from the player who wants the move…obviously
    he will have been offered  a much better
    deal than the one he is currently on, and will be expected to ask for a
    transfer to facilitate any trading.
    The NUFC (Ashley) have already stated that any player they
    want to retain will only be let go for an exorbitant fee, which in Sissoko’s
    case would be nearer to the Carroll one than the Cabaye one.

  • Greekgeordie

    Mousa said the right things, any player will love to play in the CL, and the decision is down to his club Newcastle United, where is Ashley or Carver come in?
    Spurs could not hold Bailey, or Liverpool Suarez, where is the difference?

  • PhilYare

    if you put aside the shambolic situation at our own club does anyone think that the champions league is the cancer of modern day football? (yes apart from MA!)

    everytime a player mentions the champions league as an excuse to move its a insult to supporters, if you ask me the league was better balanced when the champions played in the champions league and uefa cup + cup winners cup were still worth participating in

    now you have every player in the premier league who thinks hes a bit special wanting to play for passionless clubs like chelsea, manure and man city. with the CL money they can pay them enough to sit on the bench and play them in the league cup (devalued as well as the FA cup)

    I think money as ruined football, and with Newcastle as an example it infuriates me that we should be satisfied (say pundits + on some of our own) that there is no debt and ashley’s bank account growing whilst our team pathetically struggle

  • GToon

    Wossi GToon nah Wossi i dont blame him. its more about why is it always our players that have to announce it and why is it our players the media have to pressure into saying stuff like this. i dont suppose theres a player at our club who wouldnt want to play in the champions league. then add to that the fact that if he does leave he wont be replaced and nufc will suffer (the fans, not the business!).

  • GToon

    Greekgeordie but they spent the money they got on strengthening their squads. thats the difference. i think spurs even spent some of the money first – can you imagine us doing that!!! the only thing ashley will strengthen is the vault he keeps the money in.

  • GToon

    PhilYare exactly. the champions league is about greed. and so is the epl.

  • Demented_Man

    Any player who wanted to stay at a tuppence ha’penny outfit like Newcastle when other clubs are interested would be either ignorant or deluded.
    Don’t blame him in the least.  And I didn’t blame Pardew for scarpering either, much as I disliked him.

  • bill black

    GToon bill black  No I am suggesting that (big) clubs play cup games as well. We play to win 38 games but know we work to the plan of only being good for 40 to 50 points.