Back in the eighties there was this hip beat combo band called Talking Heads, whose biggest hit included the words, ‘This is not my beautiful home, this is not my beautiful wife. How did I get here?’.

Well, to paraphrase the mad bloke in the enormous suit, ‘This isn’t my beautiful club, these aren’t my beautiful fans. How the *** did we get here?’.

Margaret Thatcher kicking a football, Scunthorpe, September 1988.If the goings on at Newcastle United weren’t depressing enough, we now have a severe falling out amongst ourselves regarding the way we should be reacting to the situation.

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We all fall into one of three categories;

A) Season ticket holder

B) Attending games on a match by match basis including many ex-season ticket holders

C) Not going back until the illegitimate brother of Kim Jong Un finally decides to leave the City.

It’s your call. No one else can tell you what is the right thing to do.

Personally I fall into Category B (ex-season ticket holder), however as I joined in with the dog’s abuse being hurled towards Carver at the end of the Leicester game, yet again I found myself questioning my actions.

The trouble is the whole day out.

Four lads in a car reminiscing about past away games for three hours non-stop, followed by three pints in less than an hour before the game, is what football always used to be about and always will be about.

It’s just a pity about the crap 90 minutes that followed it… Then again, if you are of a certain age, then that’s what we were brought up to expect.

For the lads screaming for revolution, you have your work cut out, because revolution needs very angry young men.

Back in 1988, while the rest of the country seemed to be having a ball under Thatcher’s government (typified by Harry Enfield’s ‘loadsamoney’) that certainly wasn’t how it felt to us up here. Our region was full of anger. The atmosphere at the ground was toxic and often spilled over into violence. We were ripe for change and John Hall tapped into the mood perfectly in order to achieve his goal of ousting McKeag.

But in 2015, those Angry young men are long gone. We have turned into family men, paranoid about our hair falling out, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Aren’t we ? Oh, I guess it’s just me then.

So the revolution has to be in the hands of the next generation.

My lot have seen it, done it, got the t-shirt and are now at a time of their life where priorities have changed as much as the game itself. Football is a multi billion pound business. It’s not for me and you; it’s for billionaires to play with. So the big worry is that whoever we get really won’t matter, they are all the same.

‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.

In my opinion, the people you need to force boycotts, protests and change need to eat, sleep and breathe Newcastle United, just like we did 25 years ago. My impression though is that the new generation of fans simply have more going on in their life than just a football club that doesn’t give a damn about them. Newcastle is no longer the centre of the universe for many people.

I accept that this is obviously a generalisation, because there are still many who love this club, but there are also many who just don’t have that naïve (stupid) devotion of their parents.

How many people when visiting this site are galvanised and passionate enough to post comments screaming for boycotts and protests? My guesstimate is 1% or so.

To the 1%, I get it. I really do.

newcastle unitedI was hounded out of the brand new Milburn stand in 1988 for singing ‘Sack the board’ constantly for 30 minutes, while we were being gubbed 0-3 by Coventry.  The old blokes accused me of being a Mackem for my lack of support.  So nothing changes.

All I will say to you lads is, we all want the same thing, a club to be proud of, with a team to match.  But remember that the classic tactic of tyrants is to divide and rule.

Fellow fans are not the problem.

Besides, remember that you will be the baldy diabetic a lot sooner than you imagine and time changes perspectives.

It seems like yesterday, when a cracking night out was to  be sat in the club for six thirty, watch the turn , have fish and chips on the way home before sitting down in front of the telly  to watch Michaela Strachan in ‘The Hit man and Her’.

These days my club has closed down and the fish and chip shop is an Indian.

I still like to watch Michaela Strachan though. She’s very good in Spring Watch.

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  • Double Carpet

    I’m in Catgory A, so not entirely with you, but this is a great piece. I reckon we’re about the same age, and I remember my early twenties when the match on Saturday, no matter how rubbish we were, was everything. Looking forward to Saturday got me through some very crappy times.
    These days I’m still an optimist. Not that we’ll win owt – cos we won’t. Not that we’ll get treated right – cos we won’t. Very few football fans do – have you seen then prices at Arsenal and Chelsea? But because it’s a better way to spend your life.
    And finally, while I respect the choice of some fans to stay away, I’ll be there this season, next season, and every season til I’m too old or ill to go, no matter how poor we are and which division we’re in. It was my club and my Dad’s long before the FCB took over. My old Man is in a nursing home now. He’s 87. But some of the first questions he asks me when I see him are what was theymatch like, how did the lads play? I won’t be driven away by the FCB – and we should all stick together, whatever different opinions we hold.

  • BillyfromConsett

    Not sure what the answer is. But I have confidence in the fact that as long as Mike Ashley rules the place, it ain’t going to get exciting.

    I can’t tell people to do what I’ve done, as I’m in group C. But as we’re all divided, the job’s a perfect one  – for Mike Ashley.

  • PaulNewsome

    “My impression though is that the new generation of fans simply have more
    going on in their life than just a football club that doesn’t give a
    damn about them.”Not really, most of it is stupid
    meaningless activity like posting drivel on facebook and Twitter every
    five minutes and fiddling around with their mobile phones. People have
    been neutered and tamed with distracting devices since Thatcher’s day so
    they can’t really engage with reality in the same way now. They
    are stunted.

  • Double Carpet Well said that man….UNITED WE SHOULD STAND.

  • Carver for North Korea

    He`s not my fooking Bro !!!!!!

  • vbhgft

    Nothing wrong with a good curry……

  • SimonM68

    Enjoyable piece and I agree with you. Not sure I’d have been your mate with 30 minutes non stop ‘board sacking’ mind, though sentiment is hard to disagree with.
    We had 3 TV channels and everyone watched the same stuff – Its a Knockout etc – and we enjoyed it. Now there are fifty channels and I struggle for anything to watch. Too much choice and the culture of instant gratification doesn’t lend itself to 90 minutes once a week. Or supposed 5 year plans…

  • Brownale69

    PaulNewsome very true u have the worst government in power and does anyone shout about the mess the press say 1/3rd of the population are not sure who to bldy vote for and probably wont anyway. Apathy rules everything, welcome to the St James library shhhhhhhhh

  • Melchett

    The best column on here for many, many a month. I am category A) of the available options and can sleep comfortably being so, if I’d boycotted the club every time we had an unsavoury owner or chairman, I doubt I’d have seen more than 150 games since I first walked through the door at Jimmy Scott’s testimonial in 1967, so at nearly 60 years old I have given up waiting for a virtuous philanthropist to get this club where we believe it should be, and just be a supporter.
    I have no issue at all with people who have given it up, there are many more alternatives nowadays to a moribund Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues afternoon/evening (depending on the whims of television) watching us plough our dubious fare against the might of Burnley or West Brom. Modern day owner gazillionaire owners will do what they want, supporters are mere decoration, amusing diversions to point at during all to frequent dull parts of the match, so I understand when some flick the Vs and walk away.
    Like Jinky I stood on crumbling terracing with 9 or 10 thousand other hardy souls far too many times in the 80s watching us run round like Labradors chasing a balloon, as Oxford United tormented us for 90 minutes.
    It is my considered opinion, that compared to large parts of that particular wretched decade, this is a golden era, it maybe the dullest gold you’ve ever seen, but golden nevertheless.
    3 months of empty stadiums may force Ashley’s hand, although given his legendary stubbornness I wouldn’t guarantee that, in the same way that if everyone stopped going to Asda we’d get our traditional high streets back, fanciful but unlikely. There is no logical sporting reason why I should continue attending, none whatsoever, there is no logical reason why I should hand over a portion of my hard earned wage to a hapless, mundane millionaire with diamond shaped feet and the heading ability of the aforementioned Labrador, but when has following this club every been associated with logic?

  • Melchett

    1957 Aye, we’ve been selling our best players for decades, and then when we get a billionaire who doesn’t stick his face all over the media every 10 minutes, he turns  out to be no different from the rest, only on a larger scale. I doubt there has been a single owner or director who has walked out of that club with less money than they arrived with, and we get lumbered with the only minted owner where it wouldn’t make any difference to him.

  • No Brainer

    Very well put an significantly improved eloquence than I’m ab’lle to conjour up to put my arguments on here across.
    We really are a comfortable top ten team.
    Whilst southampton are having a good season I doubt they are there to stay just as everton and swansea aren’t.
    This isn’t the best we have ever seen but it is good very frustrating but most disappointing is the sniping its counter intuitive.
    as melchett says there never has been a really logical reason to support your club.

  • Melchett

    No Brainer Maybe the sniping is counter intuitive, but at least it’s intuitive. Ashley just doesn’t fully understand what he has here, if he thinks mid table is profitable, he just cannot comprehend how profitable it would be regularly challenging for top 4 and not extracting the urine when it comes to Cup runs.

  • stevennufc

    You said it!…….youl be there every season!….exactly what fatso wants!…..unbelievable!

  • NufcToon

    Cracking post. Fully agree, where too happy fighting amongst ourselves. Or then again maybe we just don’t give a sh!t anymore and are to stubborn to admit it.

  • No Brainer

    I think he understands very well, spending everything you have is never a good idea. So building slowly is more prudent what ever it is that makes people say the clu aims for mid table is simply untrue they just dared to put a minimum target against its staff that is a minimum target not what they want to achieve. Why oh why do people think the club doesn’t want cup success only this year we were in the qtr final of the league cup. We were also drawn away in every round and did very well. How does that stand with those who say the club doesn’t cup success?
    is the club not honest in saying openly that main focus is the league its the same for all clubs outside tocfc mcfc mufc lfc afc.

  • Double Carpet

    You, of course, can stay in your ivory tower full of righteous indignation feeling very pleased with yourself for being a better person and for helpfully slagging off other fans for being, wait for, supporters.
    I’ve seen much worse than this. We’re you away at Shrewsbury on the late 70s watching utter dross in the pi55ing rain? Or watching Ossie’s team of 12 yr olds getting stuffed every week? Or rejoicing that we’ve signed a new centre forward, only to quickly realise that Frank Pingel, Billy Whitehurst or Rob McDonald were utter garbage. The whole of the 1970s and 80s were worse than this, apart from about 2 years.
    Get some perspective. We’re dead average – but we’re actually better than we have been, on average, for most of our history. I’m not happy, bit I’m also not fickle and I’m not giving up.

  • NufcToon

    Newcastle united has massive support because it was our identity, our pride of a deprived north east region Since Mr moneybags came here he has eroded our identity (stadium name etc etc etc) and as a result so has our attachment to the club. Everything has a price.
    Go support Blyth or Gateshead they deserve our loyalty more

  • Shotley Mag

    Enjoyed this article. As someone said earlier, we must all be around the same age – and I do believe it is ‘an age thing’. The doom mongers who frequent this site seem to enjoy aiming their vitriol at supporters in your category A as much as they enjoy targeting Ashley (who we all agree is a FCB)

  • vbhgft

    Double Carpet Exeter 4 NUFC 0
    Millwall 4 NUFC 0
    Chelsea 6 NUFC 0
    Leicester 4 NUFC 0
    West Ham 8 NUFC 1
    Oxford 5 NUFC 2

    Just some of the dross I witnessed….

    I’ve been watching since 1967-68 and 11th in the top tier is higher than quite a lot of those seasons…

  • Phil the mag

    This article captures everything about why I gave up my season ticket last week ……..
    I will no longer pay in advance to sit amongst non singing , phone tweeting, 10 minutes late , non black and white wearing , 15 minute early leaving , ” fans ”
    Instead , I will seek out like minded ,singing, black and white wearing , non tweeting, early arriving , pay on the door fans
    Great article !
    Dos Viagra !

  • vbhgft

    Phil the mag People always arrived ten minutes late. They always left ten minutes early. That’s nothing new. They did in 1967 and they do now.

  • Phil the mag

    Wtf ? Would you pay 40 quid and turn up 10 minutes late late for a concert ? Would you turn up 10 minutes late for a movie ? Actually are you the [email protected] the sits next to me ? Sounds like you are, or have you left already ?

  • vbhgft

    Phil the mag I didn’t say that I would, just that lots of people do, and they always have, in the 48 years I’ve been going. It is nothing new.

    Personally I have never turned up late, and never left early.

  • Double Carpet

    Agreed. It’s rarely been pretty!

  • cwtoon88

    Great article, shame we are Newcastle divided and nothing will ever happen

  • DownUnderMag

    The away trip, down a few pints at the ground and talk a load of b*ll*cks about past glory and daydreaming of future adventures.  The home match of meeting up with your mates before and after the game, discussing the recent signings, who we should go after in the summer…it’s all gone.  

    I obviously don’t get to games anymore since moving to Australia, but those were great days.  I’ve said before, the winning or losing is neither here nor there.  The things was we could dream.  We could hope for a good cup run to get excited about.  We could get caught up in a push for European action.  We could hope beyond hope that we could sign that elusive striker or wax lyrical about that next centre-half signing that will no doubt be rubbish.  

    Ashley has destroyed all that.  We now know we won’t be challenging for cups, we know we won’t be signing anyone of repute.  We know we are going to strive for midtable mediocrity and no more.  The fans have a good right to be arguing amongst themselves now, all the other points that would be their purpose as an NUFC fan have been stripped away so they are left with nothing more than empty dreams and form their own opinions of what we should do about it.

  • No Brainer

    Wtf ‘Ashley has destroyed all that’ well considering that appears everyone bar me from the good old days of pee streaming down from the top of ‘the corner’ remains in the toon maybe its that all you f*****g off is what’s destroyed all that.
    get a grip natch day my **** its mates day

  • vbhgft

    DownUnderMag All the things you used to dream about never happened, did they? At least now you know for sure they won’t happen. Either way the result is still the same – they won’t happen. They never did.

  • Demented_Man

    DownUnderMag I think you express many of my feelings.  We used to kick off against Man Utd or Arsenal and not feel inferior, always hoping, particularly in early season, that this would be our year.  Now you feel somewhat embarrassed to see Newcastle on the same field as those teams.
    They say that it’s the hope that kills, but it’s even more of a killer without any hope at all.
    By the way, Jinky.  That’s one of the best articles I’ve read on here.