Almost as though it is intended solely to wind Newcastle fans up even further, John Carver announced at today’s Southampton pre-match press conference that the search for a new manager/head coach is ‘well under way’ and the appointment could be made by time the Hull match comes around.

To save you having to check, the away match at Hull is on January 31, with the transfer window shutting at 11pm on the Monday (February 2).

john-carver-chelsea-newcastle-united-nufc-2016-03-600x410I can’t believe that there is any way that John Carver would have made that kind of comment off the top of his head.

He might be allowed to waffle about tactics and formations but something like this will undoubtedly have been ordered from above.

When asked the question he could easily have said either it wasn’t his place to answer that, or the stock reply of working hard behind the scenes etc etc

The fact that the Hull match weekend coincides with the transfer window easing/slamming shut, can only make me believe that Mike Ashley is really really taking the mick and taking a great deal of pleasure in it.

The day of the Humberside fixture will be 34 days since Pardew left and with John Carver and the unemployed seemingly the only realistic candidates, I await with interest and fading hope.

Ironically, Carver’s comment come just the day after Gary Lineker stated that it was brilliant tactics by Mike Ashley to delay appointing a Pardew replacement, so the club wouldn’t have to buy players in the transfer window.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    Surprise, Surprise…………….! Could have told you that before P45due left.

  • Polarboy

    I haven’t seen the exact quote or the press conference but given that it has already been said that it will be a “head coach” who will be appointed, as in he won’t have control over the transfers, this is a complete non-story irrespective of whether we sign somebody or not. Even if they did deem to consult the next coach that could easily be done while in negotiation. One thing I would say is, yes, this could be an intentional tactic to keep people focused on the manager search but the coach being appointed and us getting signings aren’t connected, or so we have been told.

  • geordieladdo

    Just have to hope that some of these rumours (and likely thats all they are!) are true and he is indeed engaged in talks with a Dubai consortium to ‘offload’ the club!
    Until something along these lines takes place then we’ll limp from season to season for the foreseeable..

  • prestondave

    Didnt we already know that this was fattys tactics so no surprise really.

  • pissed off mag

    i hate the fact i used to love my club

  • radgiegadgie

    Polarboy I agree, I can’t believe anyone thinks Mikey feels he needs to make excuses not to sign anyone.  Has it not dawned on you people that he does what he fancies regardless of what any one has to say, be that the fans, manager, media etc.

  • mrkgw

    Ashley is undoubtedly the worst owner in the history of NUFC. The worst of it all is that with a different approach, it could all have been so much better. We need the bloke out, super quick.

  • Greekgeordie

    The appointment of the new HEAD COACH, has nothing to do with who is coming or going during January, so stop barking the wrong song, it only diminish your colours.
    The right man has to be appointed regardless of when, Pardew and the team has done enough for us to be safe, despite bringing a  disappointment to a small minority of the so called fans, and to finish the season to a higher place than 10 is a distinctive possibility, stop moaning and enjoy the football.

  • Johnny Fero

    GeorgiaPeter What do you know sitting up there at the top of the hill basking in the sun. I trust Mike to get it right.

  • mrkgw

    Enough to be safe? Really? Wouldnt count on that my friend. Also, is safety the best that a massive club like Newcastle should be aiming for? Think not. Mike Ashley is playing the supporters for mugs.

  • Bachman

    Although I liked Gary Lineker getting involved (good to see recognised ex-players not just sitting on the fence when it comes to talking about football owners) the whole point of the head coach as shown by numerous journalists is that he will not be ‘that involved’ (if at all) with transfer selections.

    If we do not get any players in, its because those already at the club with that responsibility are choosing not to, as dictated to via Ashley

    Although…just maybe…I can see the quotes now from the club via Charnley that we were so busy finding the right man for the head coach that we had no time to work on those key players required that we have mentioned we needed in the past (i.e. a striker and centre half or note).

    Get the PR man working for 1st February Mr Ashley!

  • PeterS84

    I’m sick and tired of the negativity that comes from fans on this site. 

    The club have already confirmed that the new head coach will only coach the team and all transfers will be managed/dealt with by Carr and Penfold. 

    The club is trying to secure the right manager and taking there time to do so, do we really want to be back in this position in a years time…

    Is Ashley really that bad…. Saved the club from administration, when he sells a player its always at a profit and every player we have sold has actually wanted to leave, and the model of the club is trying to evolve to promote youth (Southampton model), we would all love to be pushing for Champions league places but lets  be honest there are at least 7 teams better then us in the league and at least 5 of those have richer owners, bigger incomes, bigger revenue and can attract better players. Yes we have 52000 a week (3 of them are me and my 2 sons) but we are no longer the powerhouse we once were and the sooner we realise that the sooner we can get back to supporting the team.

  • radgiegadgie

    As a few of us have remarked, we don’t feel the coach appointment and signings have owt to do with each other because of the business model of looking for relative value in the transfer market that will appreciate and at the same time acquiring broadly the players in the positions that are needed to meet the secondary objective (after making money) of being able to somewhat compete in the PL.

    The bigger news for us, is if we are getting a new coach and this not John Carver.

    Whether we sign anyone or not hinges more on whether we sell MYM or anyone else and another “tasty” deal comes along in January.  My guess is either there is no CB on the radar or, there is and they won’t pull the trigger until MYM is sold.

    As for the forward people want, dream on.
    That said, there is a spark of optimism that a decent coach will come in and get this half decent squad playing well and above itself.  Hopefully Lee & Mikey don’t [email protected]$$  on that spark.

  • radgiegadgie

    PeterS84 Only time will tell if in fact we are taking our time to find the best possible manager or just making a complete pig’s ear of the process e.g. offering Garde minimum wage or the like.

  • toontom68

    Not just too late for the transfer window but also just after the deadline for season ticket renewal for those on the DD scheme.
    Good timing that!!

  • radgiegadgie

    mrkgw  I think that is a much tighter competition that you think it is.

    Hall & Shepherd who laden the club with large external debt then squandered it on inflated transfer fees/wages whilst taking millions from the club to line their own pockets.

    Then McKeag who nearly dragged the club down to the old third division.  Those were some of the darkest days.

  • mrkgw

    Where is the TV money? Around £70m per season? Its a disgrace and we should be doing so much better than at present. Its dismal. Mike Ashley is a complete disgrace – I for one, want him out.

  • GToon

    PeterS84 what administration? its been proved time and time again that administration was never in the pipeline. players want to leave because of the lack of ambition the club shows and that comes from the top down. it would take a tiny amount of investment or even a statement from ashley to say “we really want to win something this year” but what do we get? nothing. sales and silence. the negativity you refer to comes from facts. facts like player sales. facts like pocketing the tv money. facts like selling cabaye and not replacing him. yeah its ok suggesting we follow the southampton model but how about the southampton model of reinvesting money gained from player sales. they sold half of their team in the summer and bought a new one with the money. the only way to keep being a happy nufc fan is to totally remove yourself from what goes on behind the scenes and be happy to watch the lads whatever the performance/result. some people can manage that but most of us can’t. hence the negativity.

  • SimonM68

    “Carver says Head Coach could be appointed by end of transfer window”.
    Does he indeed. He also said that we had 6 injured players, yet managed to get them through training all week for Chelsea. As my mother would have said ” that lad says owt but his prayers and he whistles them”
    Any of you older lads remember Cheggers Plays Pop?  Well, to the same tune “Carver talks cr*p”…

  • GToon

    Greekgeordie minority of fans? do you go to games? did you go to stoke away? the only person not shouting at pardew was pardew himself. and dont refer to people as so called fans if they get a bit upset when the mackems turn us over every time or we lose 7 or 8 on the bounce etc etc!!

  • vbhgft

    GToon Greekgeordie I went to Stoke. I didn’t shout at Pardew.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Regardless when and who is appointed as Head Coach it has already been stated that transfers will be none of his/her (you can never be sure what wil happen at this club) business, so even the fact that a blind man on a galloping horse can see we need a centre back and goalscorer the fools in charge cannot/will not recognise this fact and are using this “search” for a coach as a smokescreen

  • Ashleys wizard sleeve

    I think “could” is the key word here… A new manager could be appointed tomorrow, next week or never! More likely a new manager could be appointed after the transfer window shuts so ashley can loan the 2mill compo he got from palace for pardew to rangers!

  • Gillo81

    The lack of a “head coach” is irrelevant when buying players as the role states he will not be overly involved in the process.
    It is clear the club will appoint a new man in the hope he can better utilize some of the assets that pardew failed to motivate or evolve his tactics in order to make them functional.
    If anything, the lack of signings shows that Carr is as much a puppet as the rest and part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

  • DownUnderMag

    “Could”…being the operative word.

    But since the position is now a head coach and not a manager, why no signings to prop up a weak defence?

  • Brownale69

    Did you enjoy the SAFC games? or cup matches?
    Negativity? Tactics, coaching? Taking corners, free kicks? Or route one football to the smallest player?
    Can you explain why our “great” owner has not paid the so called debts off? Yes he has made cash out of players/adverts/Even the Manager!!!!! So please tell me Where has all the  money gone.

  • Greekgeordie

    GToon Greekgeordie  I do go to games, I was not at Stoke, and I was in for the mackems game, and as much as it hurts, to lose on the derby, I still believe that we can have a good season, Pardew has gone but Ashley is still there, so where is the difference?

  • Greekgeordie

    mrkgw  Any club under present circumstance puts priority no 1 to stay in the EPL (except the so called top 4 or 5) but if you read all my comment you will find that I believe that top six is still possible for a massive Club like Newcastle, as you put it. We all want the same thing for our Club, the way to go about differs.

  • PeterS84


    I don’t think I used the word “Great”, I just asked is he really that bad. I don’t think I have enjoyed a game for the last 18 months but I still go to the games as its my choice but all I hear is moaning.

    We moaned that we wanted Pardew out he is out so we moan we don’t have a manager, we moaned that youth players weren’t getting a game, we play youth and now we moan they have been thrown in at the deep end. only 6 teams spent more money that us in the summer so we are spending although I agree no where near enough.

    I’m not the biggest Ashley fan I Just asked is he really as bad as he is made out to be??

  • magpie9

    Maybe a coach  definite no players, Ashley laughs at us on way to bank again