The 2015 Deloitte football rich list has just been announced and Newcastle United are back in the top 20 thanks to record turnover.

United are in 19th place overall and seventh highest of all the English clubs with a turnover of £129.7m in the 2013/14 season.

deloitte football rich listThese figures are delivered despite Mike Ashley consistently failing to grow commercial and mathchday revenues in any significant way, as well as taking all the free advertising for Sports Direct and his other brands.

Newcastle United’s place in the top 20 rich list is down simply to two things, the fans of Newcastle United who continue to fill the stadium and the huge Premier League TV deals which have ensured every English club in last year’s Premier League has recorded record turnover.

Every single English club was in the top 20 turnovers in the World.

Newcastle United’s TV/broadcast income accounted for just over 60% of this record turnover.

(1) Real Madrid £459.5m

(2) Man Urd £433.2m

(3) Bayern Munich £407.7m

(4) Barcelona £405.2m

(5) PSG £396.5m

(6) Man City £346.5m

(7) Chelsea £324.4m

(8) Arsenal £300.5m

(9) Liverpool £255.8m

(10) Juventus £233.6m

(11) Borussia Dortmund £218.7m

(12) AC Milan £208.8m

(13) Spurs £180.5m

(14) Scalke £178.9m

(15) Atletico Madrid £142.1m

(16) Napoli £137.8m

(17) Inter Milan £137.1m

(18) Galatasaray £135.4m

(19) Newcastle United £129.7m

(20) Everton £120.5m

Newcastle United’s accounts for this record turnover 2013/14 season are due to be announced very shortly with profits widely expected to be around the £50m mark, though it remains to be seen whether Mike Ashley has taken this money out of the club against his ‘loan’.

  • Conman

    Reading things like this makes it even harder to understand why FCB will not invest and grow the club even more. To be in the top 20 without any major investment is unbelievable and a sad indictment of where we are.
    Either buy into the dream or ship out. That’s all we ask. We just want to compete.

  • Willvenus1

    Only 12.4m behind Athletico Madrid in terms of turnover yet light years away from them in terms of on-field performances and achievements, proving it can be done with a talented coach/manager and committed football people at the helm. If only…….

  • Brownale69

    We cant compete with Southampton etc………….

  • Laughlaugh

    that makes me feel better certainly makes up for winning nothing for 46 flaming years!!!!

  • Paul Patterson

    There are no excuses for not being on financial par with Spurs . .

  • No Brainer

    Magpies in rude health
    Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has his detractors, but Deloitte’s list shows the retail tycoon is not a billionaire for nothing. Although success in major competitions remains elusive, Newcastle’s large stadium and strong commercial deals puts them in a respectable 19th place on the list.
    An average attendance of 50,688 at St James’ Park was the third highest in the Premier League last season, while Deloitte notes the club’s commercial income increased by an “impressive” 50%, to £25.6m in 2013/14. “Newcastle United are commercially in the strongest position in their history,” the report adds.

  • No Brainer

    Paul Patterson Number of executive tickets sold both boxes and diner areas with some 4 times the cost of NUFC’s most expense leads to a near 30% higher matchday revenue alone for spuds. Galling as it is London has the money.

    If you want to change any of that don’t vote blue red or yellow at the next election

  • toon tony

    Good report. ..tomorrow McDonald’s are bringing out a “top 20 of football club owners with a huge backside ” wonder who could be top of the list. …

  • AP69

    Maybe we could compete if all of the merchandise came back to the club or the advertising was sold to the highest bidder
    You know No Brainer that most of that money is from the tv deal
    He could do it right but history says he wont.