It has been revealed this morning that John Carver and his players will get a bonus if Newcastle United finish 10th in the Premier League.

Ending up in the top 10 at the season’s end will also trigger a payout for behind the scenes staff in administration etc.

bonusThe talk at the start of the season was that top eight was the minimum the club were aiming for.

Less than two weeks before he walked out of St. James’ Park, Alan Pardew repeated that message saying;

“We can push for top eight I hope. It is another new team, probably my third team since I’ve been here.

“I like this one, it has got a nice blend to it. I think this team has an excitement level.”

However, the Chronicle have today confirmed that any place in the top half would trigger a payout for manager and squad.

When John Carver was yesterday officially confirmed in the job until at least the end of the season, Lee Charnley also sent out the same message;

“Our goal for the season of a minimum top ten finish remains unchanged, we are confident that John (Carver), supported by the backroom staff, will be able to deliver this.”

  • Brownale69

    And discount at S Direct

  • Conman

    Is this real news Jackie. Really ?
    This has been the case for the last few seasons anyway, so regurgitating stories again doesn’t make it news. Just gets your name up there I suppose.

  • A lex

    I think it’s worth re-emphasising the point, though. The target is always same, same and same – no progression whatsoever.

  • DownUnderMag

    Probably get fined if we finish in Europe…

  • wor monga

    There’s no point in putting any undue pressure on John
    Carver, by giving him any unrealistic targets to aim for. Pardew may have been
    thinking in terms of top 8 coming on the back of a good run of results in Oct /
    Nov / and into December… now though things have changed for the worse and the
    team needs stabilising and hopefully get some confidence restored.
    We’d need 8 points straight up just to catch the 8th
    top club, and 9 to catch the 7th one…so that’s not very likely to
    happen is it?, but Swansea only 3 pts ahead right now in 9th
    position is both realistic, and a step in the right direction for both the
    players and coach. It must start with a decent result against Hull who will be
    looking at the Toon as the best way to turn their own poor form around…Carver
    must prove that he can instil some character and creativity into this team, and
    the goals hopefully will follow.

  • jimblag

    Conman Yeah this is hardly breaking news.
    The bonus scheme rewards for a higher place finish. I want us to finish higher, 10th is better than 11th, 9th is better than 10th etc, of all the sticks to beat the club with, this is pretty inoffensive. I don’t really believe the players are solely financially motivated. Let’s give them some credit sometimes, do we support them or not?

  • No Brainer

    Where is the news in this? You are trying to pour scorn on the club by writing about the bonus situation. Is it not right that the club give the players bonuses? Every other club across the land has a bonus scheme for the team . This is separate to the personal bonuses and linked to end of season position. This at every other club includes all but the relegation positions (some it includes these too).

    How you can try and twist that this clubs management is trying to motivate its staff (team) to achieve higher positions by reducing that to only top 10 positions should be lauded not criticised.