I have just finished reading the article ‘Newcastle United – Holding on for a hero…

I would like to put forward an alternative Hero…

Newcastle United is my religion, my life’s passion, my dream.

Each morning I awake and the first thought on my mind is Newcastle United.

I search The Mag, nufc.com, truefaith, nufcblog…this is my morning routine like coffee and weetabix, this pattern of behaviour is now habit and in the evening before bed the same events unfold.

For months now I have been searching, a seeker who is wanting, yearning, dreaming for some glimmer of hope, something, anything, to bring back the pride and joy that following Newcastle once brought into my life and the lives of thousands of long suffering fans.

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A saviour who will save this club from Mike Ashley.

With Alan Pardew’s departure I thought that maybe, just maybe, the current regime would change its ways and provide that saviour and appoint a master tactician as Manager, a young up and coming continental manager in the form of de Boer.

A manager who would refresh the backroom staff and our training methods, get back to basics and enable us to take a decent set-piece and how to cross the ball. Someone who would appoint a proper captain who’d show leadership, bravery and grit on the pitch to galvanise the team, driving them forward with fight and determination.

A manager capable of the tactical nuance to turn a game around when we inevitably concede the first goal home and away. A manager who would provide the club with a style of play and philosophy which would be enforced from the youths to the first team, grooming the youngsters to play the Newcastle way.

With the latest press release from Lee Charnley, the already dimming light of passion for my club has almost been extinguished.

I along with many supporters have now been lost to apathy, another season written off with 16 games to play.

When I think of Newcastle I am in a state of despair, I am forced to reminisce about players such as Lee, Speed, Solano, Shearer and managers such as Keegan and SBR.

I then daydream that Shearer and Keegan are meeting behind closed doors, formulating a plan to save this club, two well respected, living, breathing legendary leaders of a Geordie nation who would UNITE the supporters in a common cause, speak out against the owner and the running of the club, bringing nationwide coverage of the real state of affairs.

I salivate at the thought of an impassioned Keegan delivering a rallying cry of ‘Ashley Out – let the supporters take back their club and believe again’.

Supporters becoming active and vocal within the stadium, singing aloud in front of the live television cameras their true feelings of what they want for the future of the club.

As part of this dream Shearer and Keegan have used the love, respect and trust bestowed on them by many supporters to form a new model for the club where there is supporter ownership, involvement by local business and the council to take back the pride of Newcastle UNITED and restore pride to the city.

Surely this can be more than just a dream?

Surely one of these two individuals has it in their power to at least UNITE the supporters to want more than they are getting from the current regime?

If one of these men was to stand before you and beat their drum would we follow them?

Do either of these Messiahs have the will to take on this challenge?

That is the only fire I have left.

  • cwtoon88

    Nice dream, but unfortunately no matter who it is we will still have a divide. If hypothetically Shearer did something, there would be some who say but he took us down and defended Pardew on match of the day so Im not supporting them, then the supporters trust would turn round once a good group were behind him and say the fans are getting behind a real legend like Carl Cort

  • SimonM68

    Can’t see it Mark, but it’s a great thought. We could have Unicef on the shirts to replace Wonga too eh ..
    With all the tv money in football now, clubs are worth far more and Ashley is going to want more than Liverpool was sold for to get out of town. I just can’t see that happening, whomever and it certainly puts it out of reach  of even what we ‘normal’ folk would regard as ‘super rich’ (such as Brian Johnson as per my article – where would $90m get you? Not far…).  Unless of course it’s some kind of consortium steps up …. I don’t know – hope springs eternal though I guess eh….

  • No Brainer

    How would you deal with the situation of Keegan’s love for the reason not really being true remember he has never stayed in the region a day longer than his employment with Newcastle lasted. For his last spell he didn’t even buy a place to stay. or rent a home just stayed in a hotel. 

    Devastated when he left as a player crushed when he resigned as a manager, but time lets you review with a clear head. They guy is  not what we thought he was.