After just over four years Alan Pardew has left us – but what are the memories, good and bad?

As usual at Newcastle United under Mike Ashley, I’m relieved one crisis (Pardew’s failing management) has come to an end but I’m already dreading what  comes next (his replacement and chaotic set-up).

alan pardewHowever, I thought I would look back through the fixtures and pick out the matches that stand out, the positive and the not so positive.

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Not just when we won (5-1 v Stoke) or lost (5-0 at Spurs, 7-3 at Arsenal and many more!) by the most goals but rather how I remember feeling during and after the encounters below, how they made me feel to be a Newcastle fan.

10 Good

2010/11 3-1 v Liverpool (H),  4-4 v Arsenal (H)

2011/12 1-0 v Sunderland (A), 3-0 v Manchester United (H), 2-0 v Liverpool (H), 3-0 v Stoke (H), 2-0 v Chelsea (A)

2012/13 3-2 v Chelsea (H)

2013/14 1-0 v Manchester United (A)

2014/15 2-0 v Manchester City (A – League Cup)

10 Bad

2010/11 1-3 v Stevenage (A – FA Cup)

2011/12 0-4 v Wigan (A)

2012/13 0-2 v Brighton (A – FA Cup), 0-3 v Sunderland (H)

2013/14 1-2 v Sunderland (A), 0-4 v Southampton, 0-3 v Sunderland (H)

2014/15 0-4 v Southampton (A), 0-1 v Sunderland (H), 0-4 v Spurs (A – League Cup)

Share your choices below and what you think of mine.

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  • toonpete

    Cant we put this behind us John? he’s gone, leave it

  • RexN

    Not too much to argue about with good. Bad is open to debate but probably 4 FA Cup ties, 4 Sunderland matches, Liverpool 0-6 and yes Spurs League Cup.

  • ToonBano

    The West Brom win in 2011/12 when we went 4-3-3 for the first time and absolutely hammered them in first half hour live on Sky, is probably my stand out game for Pardew. I actually thought he had cracked it and we were going to be a proper team for the next couple of years at least…..but it lasted 4 games before resorting back to 4-4-2. It was then we began our fall back to mediocrity.

    You missed out losing 6-0 at home to Liverpool….my god that was low

  • KyleRants

    ToonBano That West Brom game was a pub watch for me; my friend and I (A Pardew-hating Place fan, oh the irony) marvelled at some of the free flowing play, Ben Arfa swapping flanks and running them ragged, Ba and Cisse looking equally lethal.
    It’s the game I often think back to when asking the question ‘how did that side not become 
    one to challenge for a cup?’

  • DavidDrape

    I cant really argue with your bad but I would have tried to add Bordeaux away (if inc Europe). Never pre warned fans he was putting a weakened team out & left players n the bench. The game for me was a total joke & wasn’t taken seriously in the meantime almost 2000 fans are huddled together forced to having to stand on high seats in an area which was totally unsafe. Thankfully this was pointed out by the fans themselves because god forbid had the Toon scored then I am confident many would have ended up having to unnecessarily spend xmas in a French hospital. So thanks for not scoring in the first 30mins Alan