As he prepares to take Crystal Palace to Southampton for a fourth round FA Cup tie, Alan Pardew has dismissed criticism of how he and Mike Ashley handled the cups when he was at St. James’ Park.

When asked about whether they treat the cups with disrespect, Pardew admits that this is what people thought but says that ‘wasn’t the case’.

alan pardewUnder the former manager, United were a disgrace and lost to Stevenage and Brighton (twice), as well as last season losing at home to the worst team in the division, Cardiff.

The now Palace manager has talked of having a ‘couple of bad results’ but four shocking matches is more the truth and even the match United did win under Pardew was a lucky home defeat of Blackburn, which saw Newcastle losing and ironically only a Hatem Ben Arfa wonder goal saved the day.

Every single FA Cup tie Alan Pardew played a weakened team, with the biggest disgrace when fans travelled all the way to Brighton on the second occasion, only to see ten changes to the team.

It will be interesting to see how many changes Alan Pardew makes to his Palace team this weekend…

Alan Pardew;

“That’s the perception but it wasn’t the case.

“It was just at times we were unlucky in terms with selection of teams.”

A couple of bad results…;

“We had a couple of bad results in that competition and, of course, the way it is with cups and their (Newcastle fans) longing for a trophy after all these years, the hurt at going out was magnified each time.

“Unfortunately, I have to accept that but I can assure you we did not plan for it. I’ve always done the same with cups.”

Trying to be competitive…;

“I have tried to make sure the teams are competitive and sometimes you do have to look within your squad and give people the opportunity, as we (Crystal Palace) did at Dover.

“Then hopefully you find out things about players, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not.”

  • john oneil

    What a cnut…..

  • Paul Patterson

    Goes against club statements . . .

  • RickGillyon

    He just can’t stop lying…  Astounding.

  • CMRowley

    This deluded egotistical lying pr! ck makes my blood boil every time he opens his massive gob.

    Funcking jellyfish.

  • bill black

    If you are from the south then this is the main reason we HATE Pardew

  • pissed off mag

    bet his bums on fire

  • wor monga

    Get over him and move on…he’s gone, and he knows that the
    cup isn’t going to end up at Palace, and anyhow the last thing he’d want is the
    Europa League next season…which would be certain relegation…that is, if he can
    keep them up this one!!

  • Willvenus1

    “The way it is with cups and their (Newcastle fans) longing for a trophy after all these years, the hurt at going out was magnified”
    FFS sake man Alan, it was Stevenage, Brighton (x2) and Cardiff (later relegated) at SJP!!! All with below strength teams. You even picked Ranger you cretin.
    “We were unlucky in terms with selection of teams”
    The only bad luck we had with selection of teams was it was you that was selecting them following your instructions from upstairs. You know that is the truth.
    Please stop talking about Newcastle United, even if you are asked irritating and banal questions. Just say no comment, I would like to talk about Crystal Palace. It was infuriating enough having to listen to you when you were here, let alone when you’re not.
    Just shut up, you’re history.

  • dav_art

    Hasn’t Alan Pardew left?