After much creative detective work, I have managed to come up with 10 who think John Carver is a great appointment.

Newcastle United having confirmed the role until at least the end of this season in a statement released this afternoon.

A month wasted as United scoured the world looking for the perfect candidate…

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john carverSo who thinks that Alan Pardew’s former assistant and caretaker manager (head coach…) with three defeats and a draw in his four matches in charge, is the perfect choice…

Mike Ashley

Yoan Gouffran

The Chronicle

Steve Stone

Mrs Carver

Steven Taylor

Lee Charnley

Sky Sports

Peter Beardsley

John Carver

  • RexN

    Dies that account for the 3%?

  • Daftenoughtoganandwinit

    And probably most of Sunland. It’s not his fault I am sure most of us would have given into the same craving to do it. Heck you even get paid for it although knowing the slug he will have him on the same rate as a new starter at a SD shop

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Add Vurnon Anita to your list …

  • mYoung23

    Add All the teams under us, knowing they hav a chance of catching us now

  • Mal44

    If all those who wanted Pardew out had been offered in December the alternative
    of JC until the end of the season and then a new coach

  • LeazesEnder

    Mal44 …end of….. the term is ‘end of’.

  • LeazesEnder

    Nicolaus Copernicus right!

    1. Vurnon Anita

    Its a new list.

  • Mal44

    Sorry it must be the effects of my greater than usual consumption of alcohol and the late hour – but you’ve lost me.

  • JukioLaker

    I don’t have a huge amount of time for him but we managed to tear Chelsea apart in the first half, granted it went downhill from there but maybe he can get the team paying. The season is over, it’s just about not getting relegated and I’m sure he’ll scramble the 12 points or so we need to keep us up. What’s wrong with waiting a few months when we’ve been waiting years?

  • MagicMagpies

    In my opinion, without being a big fan of Carver nor believe he is the best choice, I do think the two best options sorted for the post – De Boer and Garde – both have surely asked to come along with their own coaching staff. 
    They surely believed too taking the team with a pre-season preparations during the summer mixed with some of their own signings are the conditions for a better team run rather than taking a team, already out in two cups competition, probably not able to fight for a European place right now coupled with a bunch of players looking to gain back their confidence (Cissé, Gouffran, Rivière, Colo, etc.)
    So, having Carver and the coaching staff, people knowing the club, the players, the system at NUFC, the city to end up the season is maybe not the best choice but surely not the worst one.

  • toon tony

    You forgot to add….His accountant. .oh and his local Gregg’s.

  • Brownale69

    Just suppose he is on 50k a year he is contracted to the Town to Sept 2020, so payoff would have been 1/4 mill. Thats excluding the other “backroom” staff! Would Cashley part with millions to get rid?