Some interesting numbers currently surround Newcastle United, but still having no manager/head coach nearly three weeks after Alan Pardew walked away, has been allowed to overtake and smother everything else.

Very little coverage of the fact no players have been signed by Newcastle United in this window, in fact the newspapers are struggling even to bother making up speculation about possible new bodies coming in.

newcastle unitedEven the chances of United selling players has been pretty low key with the exception of Moussa Sissoko, though Krul, Santon, Perez and Cisse have had honourable mentions.

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We’ve even seemingly lost a player this transfer window in the shape of the mysterious on-loan Facundo Ferreyra but the club don’t even seem to feel obliged to even confirm this. Just as it has never even been explained why the Argentinian hasn’t been given a single minute on the pitch in five months as part of the NUFC first team squad.

The lack of focus means that the club have also sleepwalked into an absolutely dismal run of form which brings back memories of the second part of last season and pretty much the entire season before that which was a nine month struggle on the edge of relegation.

The recent matches see Newcastle having won only two out of eleven matches and while matches against Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd do feature in that run, it also includes four games against clubs currently in the Premier League bottom five – none of which United won (Sunderland, Leciester and Burnley x 2).

As always the most bizarre statistic is that every match at St. James’ Park sees a full house, give or take a handful – the last time Newcastle had a gate under 51,761 was as far back as September 20 against Hull.

I honestly think that as well as ruthlessly exploiting the blind loyalty of Newcastle’s fans, a small bit of Mike Ashley also actually believes that the fact the ground is full every week is because underneath all the grumbles and protests, in truth the fans are pretty happy/satisfied with how things are.

The mood that built up inside the ground in the second half of last season was horrific, as defeat followed defeat.

Newcastle desperately need a manager (head coach), new players and some wins…sadly the only thing we can all count on is fifty odd thousand there at every match.

  • LeazesEnder

    Well that’s the reason the club has always been in a mess… A large fan base, coupled with geographic isolation = Loyalty.   This club has always needed someone to run it as a success because it can easily be run as a failure,and too easily the club has been betrayed by its owners and abetted by a large contingent of conservative Mickey Mouse media especially in the local press.

  • Brownale69

    We havnt even spent the Pard transfer fee…….
    oh maybe thats paying for the half term jolly in the sun.

  • SimonM68

    That line that we can never quite get potential transfers across …. Pardew’s taken it 280 mile further south so there’s no chance now!

  • Greekgeordie

    And still 10th in the league!

  • Bachman

    Ruthlessly exploiting doesn’t come close to the apathy the owner and crew have for NUFC fans

    I love our club and fans but really wish the average fan was not so gullible and whether you’ve paid for your ticket or not, simply boycott the next couple of games.

    On a different level, it worked for Cardiff City fans!

    It was incredible the amount of hate and then joy (when he left) with Pardew but Ashley is the only one that should be targeted

    All I’m really asking for is that ‘the numbers’ do match up for some of the best fans in the world

  • pissed off mag

    Greekgeordie  not for long

  • magpie9

    Don’t turn up to home games or shop at SD I havnt had a ticket for over a year but try & go to most away games. 4 of us share a car , leave early sat have a few pre game beers, watch usual defeat, bonus is a rare win. Have a night in away town & return sun. Even though it costs a few bob the feeling of supporting the team & not giving Ashley a penny is worth it. Tickets to away games can always be had with a little effort

  • DownUnderMag

    It saddens me that our new expectations of a good transfer window is not to sell anyone.   With a crocked Saylor, two defenders out on loan and woefully short on goals I would have thought the club would be wanting to bring in at least one centre-half and perhaps a striker, even on loan.  but nope, silence – unfortunately not golden in this case!