Newcastle United cult legend Tino Asprilla has been forced to flee his hometown after gunmen burst into his home and threatened both he and his family.

Asprilla’s case is only one of many in that part of south west Columbia and the national police chief has guaranteed both Tino and his family protection until they catch those responsible.

tino asprillaThe former United star says that on Tuesday, four masked gunmen came to his home on the edge of Tulua and made threats unless their demands were met.

Tino said this to the Columbian daily newspaper El Tiempo;

“There were four in two cars and they threatened me, they said to contact their chief because if I didn’t they would kill my family and me.

“I have had to leave my own land, Tulua, as a victim of extortion. My family was threatened in my presence, my father and my sisters.”

Hurting and helpless;

“Hurting and helpless, I took the decision for the security of my loved ones to leave Tulua.

“I dedicated my life to representing my country abroad, to giving happiness to my Colombian people, when I settled down to then recover the time lost with my family I am forced to leave by the back door of my own town.”