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What your typical Newcastle fans are all about

7 years ago

You may have noticed recently that pollsters YouGov released their ‘Profiler’ which uses data they have collected on a huge range of subjects to attempt to identify trends and things which are particularly true about a group of people who all like a certain thing.

I thought it would be interesting to look at what they think the typical Newcastle fans looks like. Do you fit their description?

First, a quick explanation from YouGov:

‘This app does not show the ‘typical’ fan or customer. If it did, most groups would look very similar, and you wouldn’t learn a lot about the specifics of a particular thing.

It shows what is ‘particularly true’ about a group. We compare the group to their natural ‘comparison set’ (for example, fans of Downton Abbey compared to anyone who has rated any TV shows) and see which of the thousands of datapoints most overscore in our target group. The Z score is a statistical measure of the strength of that overscoring.

For example, if something is only true of 1% of the overall population, but is true of 6% of our target group, it might score very highly (and shows you something interesting and true about that group). But it doesn’t mean that it is true of all of them!

Another example: many of the football teams show a ‘female’ character – this does not mean that most of the fans are female, but simply that compared to other football teams, there are ‘more’ female fans than you would expect.’

So, with that out of the way, what do they think the typical Newcastle fan looks like.

Unsurprisingly, they’re most likely to live in the north east of England, with significant numbers in the borders and Yorkshire. They’re also likely male, and aged 25-39. I fit into that category, so far so good. Typically our political views are left of centre, which isn’t a particular surprise given that we’re overwhelmingly in the north east of England.

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Our favourite sport is football (no surprise there) followed by golf (?????). Our most likely pet is a dog, and our most likely hobbies include creative writing, driving and jigsaw puzzles.

Some of our favourite foods are rice pudding, scotch broth and spaghetti vongole. I’ve never even heard of spaghetti vongole but I do like rice pudding! Cheesy chips also scores highly, but I’d always thought that was more of a sunderland thing……

We describe ourselves as being good company, good listeners and sensible, but on occasion grumpy, unfunny and sentimental. It also suggests that we enjoy going to the pub for a drink. That’s probably fair enough…

Our favourite brands include Greggs, Arriva, Lurpak, and Jaffa Cakes. Surprisingly Sports Direct also figures highly! No sign of Wonga though…

Our favourite films include Black Rain, Hot Shots and A Beautiful Mind.

Our favourite TV programmes are Look North, Final Score and Robson Green’s Tales from Northumberland.

Our favourite music artists are Cheryl Cole, Ed Sheeran, Kurt Kobain, Shaggy and The E Street Band.

On Facebook, our most liked page is unsurprisingly Newcastle United. On Twitter we follow @joey7barton and @antanddec. Our top websites include the Evening Chronicle and The Journal, and also Epson Europe. No mention for The Mag or though. Our top mobile apps are google+ and Adobe Reader, and Championship Manager 2011.

We tend to be online for 36-40 hours per week, watch TV for 46-50 hours per week, and our favourite newspaper is The Mirror. Our most read magazine is What’s on TV – not surprising if we spend 46-50 hours per week watching TV!

How does this typical view of NUFC fans compare to you? How would you describe the average fan? Click on this link if you want to view the profiler and see what fans of other things also enjoy – you may or may not be surprised to learn that the average sunderland fan is highly interested in Newcastle upon Tyne!


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