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Why the London press hate Newcastle United

7 years ago

I will put my cards on the table, I was one of the fans who definitely wanted Pardew out of our club. In fact I still do.

It isn’t just about results, it’s not even about tactics or that he was born south of the Watford gap, or even his prehistoric footballing philosophy. I believe our great club will never achieve what it can achieve with Mike Ashley’s parasitic presence at the club.

Alan Pardew is the focal point for his regime and if you take that coin…then as far as I am concerned don’t expect anything other than vitriol when fans see that they are being shortchanged.

Am I pleased we are now winning even with Pardew in charge? Of course I am. I am and always will be a NUFC fan. This brings me to the main point of the article. I am heartily sick of the jibes from, let’s face it, the London based press. Ever since we started winning they have been more concerned with calling out fans who had been rightly disgruntled with a shocking run of results, casting us as unthinking over-emotional idiots with an agenda against some sort of cockney Bill Shankly in our midst!

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We are cast as fickle, which I find bizarre to be honest. Attendances have remained at around 50k and quite frankly I think most fans still don’t like Ashley or Pardew and would still happily see the back of the pair of them (as I would). Does this mean we can’t take some enjoyment from an unexpected run of victories? It would appear so from some of the stuff I have read.

The hypocrisy in some of the reporting is quite unbelievable. For instance Newcastle fans are accused of kneejerk reactions to a run of 7 months terrible results which saw us bottom of the form table and across pretty much every statistic (goals scored/conceded etc). Pardew had a worse record than any other manager sacked last season. The press judge our reaction to this unreasonable based on an upturn in results across four or five games! Who is being kneejerk here?

If you read a great book called Soccernomics you will become familiar with the phrase, “regress to the mean.” Basically this states that you will get short-term variations in performance and results but ultimately there will be little variance in long-term performance which is predicated on longer term factors such as wage bill and investment. This all suggests that NUFC fans unhappy with the regime and Pardew are being less kneejerk and thinking more long-term than our deep thinking London press commentators!

In truth, I suspect the journalists know that Pardew isn’t ‘all that’ but love an opportunity to have a good dig at us daft Geordies. I am convinced that most of them have witnessed their wives and girlfriends enjoying the affections of some boozed up Geordie letharios on an away match, the way they are desperate to have a pop!

Or perhaps they know that we are special. Yes we have won not in living memory but we have a great stadium in a great city and when we do get our act together (see Keegan and Robson eras) we are capable of bloodying the nose of their clubs and the established order.

They know it, don’t like it and constantly try and feed us the line that we should be happy with our lot and to not be happy does us a disservice as fans. I say we are right to expect better, we are right to dream and want more for our buck.  We are right to show our discontent for a regime that’s business model is based on selling its best players. We are right to be unhappy with a manager that delivered one win in 15 games.

As for the press, the big test will be when one of their beloved clubs such as Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea or West Ham part company with their manager. How many do you think will be clambering for this footballing genius we have hounded, to go into a club THEY love?

I think we all know the answer to that…


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