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If only Newcastle United put same effort into winning matches as shameless PR spin

6 years ago

When it comes to Newcastle United, the old saying about there being three kinds of lies might have to be refined.

The three types of lies are said to be ‘Lies, Damned  Lies and Statistics’ but now we may have to add ticket prices.

All of this week Mike Ashley and his minions have no doubt been basking in the reflected glory of Newcastle United offering the cheapest match tickets in the Premier League.

Leading to many pundits/fans who don’t look beyond the headlines to say stuff along the lines of, Newcastle might be rubbish but at least it is cheap rubbish for the supporters to watch.

If only that was true, about being cheap I mean, because it is most definitely rubbish to watch at the minute.

The survey of all twenty Premier League clubs found that  Newcastle offered the cheapest seats at £15 a shot.

Great, so where do I get one….that is where the problems start.

Take for example Saturday’s match against Leicester, can you get in for £15 per adult?

Well seen as they are a promoted club with no reason for there to be charged an excess, you must be able to get in for £15…

No, the cheapest advertised prices were £27 for an adult ticket v Leicester.

On top of this, unless you had already paid £35 for a membership you will then have the added insult of paying an extra £1 for the privilege of buying a ticket.

So basically, instead of £15, the cheapest advertised adult tickets for the Leicester match are £28, unless you pay £35 for a membership and then you would ‘save’ a pound and it would only cost you £62…

Liverpool ticket prices have just been announced for the home match in two weeks time, cheapest adult tickets are £34, so once you have added your £1 cost of being allowed to buy the ticket, it will cost you a minimum of £35, which is 133% higher than that £15 bargain.

So when can you get into St.James’ Park for £15 for a Premier League match, well the easy answer is never, unless you have paid a £35 membership fee (or get a member to buy a ticket for you).

So what about being able to pay £16 (£15 ticket plus booking fee), well it will be interesting to see just how many games this will apply to, I’m guessing one or two for that £15 claim not to be a total ‘statistic’, but nowhere near a majority of matches which is surely what it should have been to justify the club making these grand claims of being the cheapest in the Premier League and lap up the glory. As the ignorant and lazy just simply publish what they are told by Newcastle United PR spin department.

If only as much effort was poured into putting a winning team on the pitch, as is put into these cheap and feeble PR gimmicks.

What about season tickets? There is also much kudos coming Newcastle United’s way when it comes to season ticket prices.

Say for example you’d been convinced that this year was the time to get your first season ticket, blown away by the ‘massive’ investment in the squad (Cabaye and Debuchy’s transfer fees reinvested and extra TV revenue untouched).

Surely you’d be onto a bargain where Newcastle United are concerned, where tickets are so reasonably priced despite the rubbish football…

Well not quite, they might not be Arsenal prices but (thanks to the excellent @MikeAshleyLies Twitter account for their investigations) they aren’t exactly the cheapest.

In the like for like comparisons with other clubs, Newcastle’s cheapest season ticket in a normal area is £525, which would make NUFC 8th most expensive Premier League club in terms of cheapest adult season ticket, but this only applies to a tiny number of seats in the Leazes end.

For the overwhelming majority of seats, the cheapest price is £578, making Newcastle the 6th most expensive ‘cheapest’ season ticket.

Quality ‘new look’ squad, ‘Great’ manager and owner’ ([intlink id=”48881″ type=”post”]according to (employee) Peter Beardsley[/intlink]), and the cheapest seats in the Premier League….just why are these Newcastle fans moaning yet again.


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