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Masochist No More With Newcastle United

7 years ago

In a just fair world, can we hope for instant karma?

Our world view probably already tells us the world is not a fair place and few believe in karma any more.

So let’s switch tack to a scientific viewpoint. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The action, in this case, is serial misuse and mismanagement of good players which began with Tevez and Mascherano at West Ham and culminated (we hope) with Ben Arfa and Yanga-Mbiwa at Newcastle United.

A man who at times seems to be unaware of what is coming out of his own mouth as he contradicts himself so frequently, Alan Pardew was all but on the football scrapheap when he was plucked to safety and found himself in a plum Premier League role (We can add that to another error in the long list which can be attributed to Mike Ashley but that’s another story).

What would be an appropriate reaction to the above action?

Well instant reassignment to the scrapheap would seem suitable, but that in no way puts right the damage done, merely corrects what should have never happened.

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Tevez and Mascherano have both gone on to far loftier positions than Pardew could have even dreamt of when he deemed them unsuitable for his footballing philosophy. Now Ben Arfa and Yanga Mbiwa must do the same.

Also, to note in passing, the standard of sports punditry in this country is well below standard, most trot out a variation of the party line or based on their beliefs about how Newcastle were. Sadly a long time out of date. It is apparent from listening to them that they clearly don’t watch us play.

So the rest of the nation, taking their clues from those poor sources, also believe it and we are just delusional Geordies who don’t know how well off we are.

A noticeable trend over Pardew’s tenure is the constant downplaying of the club’s capabilities. We can’t compete with sovereign states, our place is a mini-league somewhere in the forgotten realms of the league table.

The Sun readers of the north east have bought into that propaganda, either that or the club is spending a small percentage of the TV money on internet trolls. They are the minority though, the tide has finally turned.

That’s it for me. I can never stop supporting Newcastle, it’s in my blood, but I can sure as hell stop watching them and putting myself through the angst of 90 minutes of mind-numbingly boring displays. As Pardew sends out another team with instructions to defend whilst shipping 3 or 4 goals, then after the match claim we woz unlucky, they offered a bit more fret on the day.

I’ll be watching Hull the rest of this season. They at least should be entertaining.


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