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My 6 P’s and What They Mean To Newcastle – The City, The Club and The People

7 years ago

In this article I am going to describe my very own 6 P’s and what they mean to Newcastle – The city, the club and the people.

As a born and bred Geordie, it would be a cliché for me to say I (amongst thousands of others) bleed Black and White, but unfortunately the Black and White we all usually bleed, at present, seems to have been muddied to a dark Grey. Just like the clouds that hover over our club’s and arguably the city’s future.

So first, and as you probably guessed – I want to talk about the man in the limelight at present – Pardew.

Unfortunately for me, and many Newcastle United fans alike, we have someone who was hired by Mike Ashley not for his football credentials, but in order to be the club’s, or rather his, puppet. (Whilst that’s an apt ‘P’ I’ll not dwell on it too much). The reason for me saying this is for the various reasons provided by

However, if I’m honest to myself, and to those of you who can be bothered to read this piece – I’m not entirely focused on Pardew and his failings.

The results in 2014 speak for themselves as we all know, and furthermore the information provided on the aforementioned site justify the need for his removal or resignation. I would prefer if the man resigned in all fairness, but is he the issue?

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I don’t think so, but his puppet master has placed him in a precarious position whereby he is the face of the club, and he has to face those pesky journalists. Is this his fault – I don’t think so. Is the lack of investment his fault – I think not.

What about the constant drivel that the club comes out with almost quarterly? No. But unsatisfactory results, a self-confessed inability to motivate the players and a constant barrage of excuses, can be attributed to his name as can my next ‘P’ – Promises.

Promises are made by the club to the people via Pardew, and these are promises one can only assume that have been made to Alan (or at least I would like to think so), which then seem to be dismissed when the timing is more convenient and yet another transfer window is over with. I could be wrong, and I’m not an apologist, trust me, but that’s not Pardew’s fault. The part he plays in this, I certainly like to believe is that he fronts it. Keegan wasn’t willing to work under this structure and made it known, and how surprising – he took the owners of the club to court and received compensation for more broken promises and lies.

I for one will be supporting Newcastle through thick and thin, as I’m sure most – if not all do. We aren’t Manchester United or Liverpool so we’re not here for the glory. All we want is to be represented by people who are good, honest and hard-working.

Not by deceitful, reclusive businessmen who squeeze the life and soul out of a football club and region. I guess to the Mike Ashleys of this world though, that means any opportunity of glory should be pushed aside in order to save the bank balance and profit levels. I find it surprising to be honest, and maybe I’m naïve – but for a man who probably has anything and everything he could probably want, he doesn’t want to be liked or hassle free. For a man of his wealth to have a little dabble in a club like Newcastle and bring a single trophy here he would be loved, as would his minions.

This brings me to the next ‘P’ – the Press. I could probably write a whole ‘war and peace’ on this lot, but I’ll keep it swift, and clean!

Everyone these days can have an opinion, share an opinion and re-tweet someone else’s if they agree with it. Everyone can be their own journalist – hell look at this rant – but at least I wasn’t paid to write this.

I’m sick to death of some media outlets parading this view that Newcastle United fans are deluded. If anyone has the delusion it’s these idiots and their lazy journalism because actually, they forget that everything except the glory and the people to run the club is in place.

Prior to Cashley, the good people of Newcastle (or the Geordie nation as on Sky) would buy shed loads of merchandise, investing all they had and could, into the club that represents them and their city. Now, that desire has been removed as it’s no longer re-invested into the squad. That seems unquestionable from the in and outgoings each season.

Despite this, the press talk about the money we spent in the summer – what money? We made money from TV dealings and £32million approximately from two international class players. One of which was highly influential in the dressing room, might I add. So what money has been spent? Every season, any player who makes an impression is shipped off. How is that beneficial to the club and its ambition…oh wait – we have none, at least management doesn’t. So stop feeding people across the globe this lie that the club is being run well.

Please, this is a plea to those of you who want to make a name for yourself as a sports journalist – do some proper investigative work and oust these Dementors from our club.

One thing you do get partially right, is my fourth ‘P’ and that is Passion.

The reason I only say partially here, is because if you have been to St James’ in recent times, you will realise the apathy that has replaced the anger and the passion that has been sucked from what is a world-renowned stadium for atmosphere. These days it’s silent apart from occasional grumblings at the latest scapegoat.

I for one try my best at each game to get behind the lads on the pitch. Yet, these days, not only have I been questioned by fellow fans for singing when we’re playing abysmally, I have also been criticised for taking part in the 60th minute walk-out last season. Contradictory as it may seem, I have my reasons for this and will come to the walkout later in this piece. I’m not a super-fan and nor would I like to say anyone is. We all support Newcastle our own ways, but why let the passion be replaced with apathy? Where has the passion gone?

Answer: With the ambition and cash – out of Newcastle.

So for those who wish to Protest (my penultimate P) please don’t laud them with abuse or be-little them and question their support. They are actively trying to do something to resurrect the sleeping giant that is Newcastle United. We used to be able to dream. 17 years ago to Friday gone we beat Barcelona 3-2 in the champions league and look at us now.

In that Cardiff game at the back end of last season, the Newcastle United media outlets and fanzines at least tried to link together, as they did against Liverpool earlier that season. Even then those who agreed but didn’t do owt were quick to criticise those who made a stand. For me, that’s the problem with wider society these days. It seems the only way you’re listened to is by creating a scene. That’s not to say a protest cannot work if it’s ‘peaceful’ – but it must be vocal, visual, or both.

For some of you, you will have spent your younger years actively pushing back at the club. For some this is only a weak level of **** compared to previous. For others, it’s easier and less hassle for you to whinge to your mates (and probably fall out after several pints) and finally, you have those who go on social networks to argue with the trolls. You’re playing into their hands!

Howay man – this is my club. This is your club. This is our club!

Without us to stand up for it, who will?

The football club is the heartbeat of the city. It’s a financial source for the businesses. It’s jobs for the people. It’s a place for the people to go when the going gets tough in their personal life. It’s where people can go to be proud. Be represented the way they wish. Have the desire to prove we are the best people in the world. As a biased Geordie I am sure we are just that.

This club has Potential and one day it will come to fruition, but only if we make a United stance on the lack of Proper Preparation that Prevents P*** Poor Performance. Together we need to show the current regime that Newcastle United will NEVER be defeated!


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