Firstly, I would like to offer my full condolences to John and Liam’s family and friends.

After my previous article talking about supporting Newcastle as an exile in ‘Saigon’(Vietnam), and then promising the editor I would do something for The Mag  about the team’s (and my) trip to New Zealand, like all Geordies around the world we have been in shock.

new zealand

Hospitality New Zealand style at the Four Kings Pub in Welling…Toon

I never imagined that writing the next article and travelling over here would be so difficult.

Obviously this is nothing compared to the grief and suffering for John’ s and Liam’s family and friends. Like all Geordies around the world we get brought up on watching Newcastle from an early age until the inevitable happens. It’s so tragic that this happened to John and Liam on their way here.

Rest in peace lads.

I arrived in Dunedin on Monday afternoon after spending the weekend in Queenstown. I have met some great people in the last few days; expats based in New Zealand, Sydney and Tasmania.

The hospitality received in New Zealand has been fantastic, with Newcastle fans been warmly welcomed in Dunedin in all  drinking establishments. Many fans also had the opportunity to meet Bobby Moncur during pre match drinks in the Terrace bar.

The supporters were also rewarded with a good 4-0 win, which for many of the Newcastle fans watching was their first match, a better debut than what most of us have experienced.

More importantly, the respective minutes’ silence and applause in respect for Liam and John were impeccable.

I left Dunedin on a 6 hour bus journey to visit Christchurch. Then a 50 minute flight the next day to Wellington.

In Christchurch, unbelievably  I didn’t realise that the accommodation  I had  booked was  on Hereford Street!

I thought to myself, I bet I end up having breakfast in Ronnie’s cafe in the morning!

It’s 2014 and we still can’t get away from that result in ’72!