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What Do The Fans Of Newcastle United Really Want?

8 years ago

Well, it’s now the day after the 69th minute evacuation of the church that is St. James’ Park and I am left scratching my head and asking the question: What do the fans of Newcastle United really want?

Yesterday, with the support of The Mag and True Faith, plus widespread coverage in the national and local media, supporters had the best chance of demonstrating their frustration, anger, disbelief etc.. etc.. in the whole running of Newcastle United from top to bottom.

Upon walking up to S.J.P. at around 2.50pm I was amazed at the number of fans milling around the ground and I was actually thinking that many fans had gone a step further and boycotted the game full stop.

However, upon entering the ground it was noted that this was not the case, although there was more grey seats visible than normal.

So the game began and it was evident that fans were making a concerted effort to ensure Mike and co were aware of feelings and I for one was feeling an immense sense of pride that we, as fans, had not just turned up and recreated the library atmosphere that was prevalent at the recent Swansea game.

With time ticking and the 69th minute fast approaching, I was of the belief, through a mixture of songs both willing the team on and anti Ashley/Pardew that we were all working up to the mass walkout that I have been hoping for, for many a game.

The time had at last arrived and up I get up, with 9 year old son in tow, and down the steps I plod, with the odd boo ringing in my ear. Upon looking back before heading down the concourse, I was willing a sight of banks of empty seats, but plenty had stayed.

Now I appreciate that we all have our own beliefs and thoughts on what we should do regarding trying to assist and address the mess that is NUFC, but surely this was the one opportunity to show complete solidarity and that we will simply not lie down and take the horrific mismanagement of the club any longer.

I applaud every single fan that trekked from SJP on 69 minutes but I have to ask what do the fans, that decided to stay, really want and think is a viable route to tackle Mike and co?

I understand that for a number of fans, leaving early does pose its problems.  Some have kids and they simply want to watch their heroes week in week out.  Some fans will have travelled long distances at great expense, time and effort and leaving early will be tough.  However, for the masses this is not the case and leaving a match that means absolutely nothing for the princely sum of 21 minutes, surely can be supported?

The club is a mess, the players have been simply appalling since the turn of the year.  The manager is a joke and an embarrassment to the club [especially after the Hull incident], we are lied to day in day out, week in week out.  I could go on forever but I am sure you are more than aware of the issues and problems!

A day when a show of strength, unity and should I say it; being UNITED in our displeasure at everything NUFC, but the majority remained in their seats.


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