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Same Passion If Born Outside Geordie Nation Catchment Area?

8 years ago

Whoever said that those of us not born in the catchment area of The Geordie Nation, don’t have the same passion as those born brought up and live and work in the area, come down south for 6 months and you’ll get a new perception on what life is like being a Toon Fan.

I say fan because not having the sense to buy a season ticket when the bank loaned me some money in 1991, I suffer greatly. My parents are from Fenham, I asked me ma what were the specifications of being a Geordie and she replied, “I don’t care, I was born in Fenham.”

My Gran, never mind ‘wor’ Jackie, said Len White was the best player she ever saw in black and white. And me pop? Well he saw Albert  Shepherd, Hughie Gallacher, Bill McCracken and Jimmy Lawrence.

Me? I saw one cold night in September 1973 at Ipswich the greatest Centre Forward In my lifetime; one Malcolm MacDonald. Started following the Toon away on a regular basis from the Cup defeat at Watford in’89 til the promotion of ’93.

My Gran taught me the Blaydon Races before the Our Father, so it’s ingrained into me, especially being the first born south of the Tyne for 4 generations. I took my sons to their first game (0-0) at Upton Park 92/93. I actually preferred it when we were in the old Second Division/Championship as the following seemed more loyal and us southerners were treated with suspicion unless you could prove your family background.

So even now it hurts big time when we lose, and this year the will to win, being proud to wear the shirt, as typified by Managers such as Joe Harvey,  Arthur Cox, Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson, has been lacking for all to see.

To lose 2 derbies in a row at home 0-3 due to gutless performances would not have been accepted for the aforementioned managers. Down here in the south, for a club that hasn’t won anything, Spurs and ArseNIL fans at work make more out of beating the Toon than they do each other, why?

I would say jealously that 50,000+ suffer torment and despair at what’s being served up and yet stand loyal to a club that the people’s and the area’s heritage are tied to. Plus we know how to lose, they don’t.

Now to the point of this article. I cannot understand why the Fat Controller can happily sit at the Casino table and lose thousands, but is so afraid to gamble on investing in a squad capable of winning trophies. Surely the financial gain of a team able to compete, win the odd trophy and have the ability to be one of the top 4 (the days of KK and SRR seem so long ago) with all the money the Champions League brings in (maybe even win it), far outweighs the complacency of just a top ten finish and sod the cups.

Two years ago we nearly made the top 4 with a wafer thin squad and without the need of hyper inflated wages. Anybody with an ounce of financial acumen would have realised that investment to push on and strengthen the squad at that point made sense.

Everton have shown this year as we did two years ago that investment in players with the hunger to succeed, rather than over priced transfers and wages, is the way forward. Jesus, doesn’t the Fat Controller realise as sole owner of Newcastle United that if this club invested wisely and players and supporters were not used to make a quick buck then he would make massive returns. Or is he so immersed in The Sports Direct thesis of buying end of line stock and selling it cheaply that he and his minions cannot see the wood for the trees?

Those who own the Boston Red Sox have seen in Liverpool a brand that when winning trophies is able to earn revenue and worldwide reputation, Newcastle United just winning the League Cup for instance would make the Red Sox World Series win in 2004 celebration seem like a Sunday school bring and buy sale in comparison.

So Mr. Ashley, why go to the trouble of buying Newcastle United and making the club noticeable throughout Europe as being able to balance the books without the need of becoming  a plaything for the fuel rich Arabs and Russians, if all you want is a mid-table trophyless season year after year.

It doesn’t make sensefor you  both as a football fan and/or as a financial businessman. If you’re a gambler, then I suggest you gamble seriously on this club winning, and who knows you might be the messiah we all long for, but don’t play with the passion of the Toon Army. It’s not funny anymore.

Footnote: PPI refund at the end of April, this time I will be applying for a season ticket cos getting tickets to away games even with club membership is nigh on an impossibility.

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