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Newcastle United – Make Peace For Easter?

8 years ago

My season has ended, although to be fair at least I waited a bit longer than the players and manager by several months.  I’ve got work all day when we play Cardiff and normally I would move heaven and earth to swap with someone.  But since the team don’t seem bothered then I don’t see why I should waste my energy for what is a pointless game, other than to protest about the current mess.  My 2 tickets are en route to a friend and his young son.

One thing that struck me as hard as a ball in the face of the referee on Saturday were the chants that did materialise during the game.  The atmosphere was terrible by the way, again.

Chant #1 – “We’re having a party when 5under1and’s down”.

This is a bit like singing “you’re not singing anymore” when there’s an hour to go and the game’s still in the balance.  I prefer to wait until it’s 4-1 and we’re into injury time before that sort of crack because you know what, it might just come back to bite you on the arse. So lads, put the balloons back in the packet for another time as we might be going that direction before they do.

Chant #2 – “We’re Newcastle and We’re Financially Sound, We’re Financially Sound, We’re Financially Sound…But We’re Sh*t, But We’re Sh*t, But Weeeee’re Sh*t, But We’re Shit!!”

More of this lads please. Just like the “We’re gonna win F*** all again” chant it offers perspective, reality and a dig at the regime, plus it’s a bit of humour.The likes of Jamie Carragher patronising us in the papers at the weekend boils my wee.  His team (despite being an Evertonian really) are probably going to win the league which is going to annoy me as much as the Mackems staying up.

The final nail most likely being to batter us on the last day, again.  I would love it if we beat them, love it, but I’m hoping it’s less than 6 in our net.  I don’t have anything against the real Liverpool fans but I’d love to see how many they’d attract with 40+ years of doing nothing.  That means a couple of seasons of being pretty good but largely being absolute garbage to watch, a couple of relegations and constant underachieving.  His perspective of Liverpool being poor is going a couple of seasons without winning a cup and only finishing in the top six…bless, it must have been hell for them.

Chant #3 & 4 – “We want Pardew Out, Say We Want Pardew Out…It’s Never Your Fault, It’s Never Your Faaaaaault, Alan Pardew, It’s Never Your Fault”.

Now this started in the 92nd minute once Swansea stuck in the winner.  Why?  Why not from the first minute?  Why not for 90 minutes?  Would this let Pardew and the owner know that we aren’t happy and kick them into shape?  West Ham fans booed Fat Boy after a win and got some air time, so would us showing how sick to death we are of the owner, and just as importantly the manager, start getting the media to ask some more searching questions instead of letting them off scot free.  Our current form is bottom of the table stuff and I can’t see how that will improve.  Pardew was claiming a few months ago, he would need to rebuild the team again, but in recent weeks he’s talking about a “couple of signings”.  The man is a walking contradiction and the media let him get away with it.

The problem seems to be that not many people join in the singing these days.  Apathy, tolerance, beaten into submission, what’s the point etc etc.  The media are to blame too as “well lots of teams would swap places” is the argument they offer.  Would they offer a similar argument to Man Utd fans or heaven forbid Liverpool fans if they were in our position?  How about the questioning of David Moyes (the media are already speculating on his replacement), or the hounding out of Roy Hodgson.

One final anecdote before I go.  During the Man Utd game the lad who sits behind me (who I’m sure is a canny kid really) was constantly saying “I’m sick of this, this is terrible, I’m sick, you know I’m sick of this”.  Yep, I think that’s quite a common feeling at the minute.  I’m not usually one for confrontation but it got to the point where I turned around and the conversation went a little like this:-

Me–  “Mate, if you’re that sick why don’t you leave?”

Him“Well are you not sick too like?”

Me“Aye, but I don’t need to listen to you telling me every 5 minutes.”

Him“Well it’s sh*t man” and then a short while later the third goal went in and off he toddled.  Actually quite a few did and the singing actually improved, although maybe then we should have reverted to Chant #3 & 4.

So I was telling one of the lads in the Hotspur pre-match on Saturday about this and he offered me this perspective:-

“That’s expected before you go to the match at the minute but at least you can have a few beers before and after and try and forget about it…being sick is having to get up on a Sunday morning after having a skinful the night before, taking the kids to a birthday party at a swimming pool where it’s hot and humid, the sweat’s pouring and the beer’s coming out, the head’s pounding and the hangover from hell is taking hold, the kids are screaming and your child is acting up, that’s being sick”.

I’ve reluctantly accepted that the deluded nutter Pardew isn’t going anywhere and that we seem incapable of protesting otherwise inside the ground.  I’ve accepted that the Mackems are probably going to stay up on the strength of taking 6 points from us, 4 from Man City and 3 from Chelsea.  And much as I’m one of those who doesn’t want to see Liverpool win the league, only cos I’m jealous and wish it was us just winning something meaningful, I have to accept that they have more ambition, drive and the right mentality to compete.

I wonder when we will finally rise again.  It’s becoming an increasingly long wait though, as in the scheme of things, if Easter was based around the Newcastle model rather than the Liverpool model, then the fella with the beard and holes in his hands and feet wouldn’t be getting his chocolate egg until Christmas.

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