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Newcastle United Fans Must Take The Not So Nice Medicine Before Things Get Better

8 years ago

There have been some very interesting comments on [intlink id=”42356″ type=”post”]the article that was published yesterday on the site[/intlink], which basically amounted to me ranting on about the current state of affairs on Barrack Road.

The one that grabbed me the most was a comment about how we ‘clap on about being the best supporters in the land’. We’re not. Not by a long chalk.

Over the past few months we’ve seen a number of well organised and effective protests about the state of affairs at Lazio, where fans cleared the stadium in protest at Claudio Lotito’s running of the club, at Man Utd where fans went to the trouble of hiring a plane to show their dissatisfaction at how Moyes was handling the job, and at Blackpool where fans lobbed tangerines and tennis balls onto the pitch in protest at the lack of investment that owner Karl Oyston has brought to their club.

What have we done here at Newcastle? After several years of being bent over by Mike Ashley and mismanaged by Pardew we’ve managed a couple of poorly attended demos, a lot of disorganised shouting and even more moaning. Oh, and some t*** punched a horse. Disgraceful.

The majority of Newcastle United fans seem to think that loyalty to the club means attending every single game, supporting the status quo no matter what, and buying up every bit of tat available in the club shop (despite the fact that we’ll never see a penny of the profits from that as investment in the team). And historically, they would have been more or less right.

The most important thing for any football supporter is to support the eleven men on the pitch through thick and thin, as well as showing financial support and loyalty by buying the merchandise and wearing it with pride. This is where we’re going wrong.

The way our club is set up now is as a profit making enterprise. There’s so much money in football that a canny businessman like Ashley knows he can twist and abuse this loyalty in order to make himself a nice bit of cash. He’s taken a long look at the club and gone; ‘These northern types will put up with anything. Let’s see how much cash we can drain out of them.’ Make no mistake, Mike Ashley is a smart man and a superb businessman, he’s looked at our club, sat down in a meeting with his advisors and schemed up every conceivable way to bleed us dry.

We have to stop this and we have to stop it now. We all know what he’s doing and yet we continue to enable it by attending matches in droves, keeping our Sky subscriptions up to date and buying the new shirts as soon as they come out.

When are we going to wake up and see that in order to take our medicine we’ve got to realise that it isn’t going to taste very nice?

The only thing that we can do is boycott the matches, the merchandise and everything else to do with NUFC, until something hits home.


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