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What Has To Happen For All Newcastle Fans To Say We’ve Had Enough?

8 years ago

Absolutely no surprise at the Arsenal result last night. NUFC as a club has been utterly run into the ground by an owner that doesn’t care and a manager that seemingly doesn’t have a clue.

I can see the argument that says that Pardew has been hamstrung by a series of terrible decisions from above (lack of transfer funds, JFK, Cabaye etc…) but really, with the players he has at his disposal there is absolutely no excuse for the current run of form. Let’s not forget that many of these guys were full internationals until not so long ago.

The Cabaye sale and subsequent lack of reinvestment really seems to me to have been the catalyst for the disastrous run that we’re currently on. It seems like he was the one player we had that was stopping the whole thing from going completely pear shaped, and that’s no way to run a football club.

Sadly, it seems as though the disinterest in the board room has translated into incompetence on the training ground and ennui on the pitch.

I’m a big fan of stability in football clubs and was initially pleased when Pardew was offered an 8 year contract off the back of the great (or, with hindsight, lucky) season we had a couple of years ago, but it’s clear to everyone now that Pardew has lost the dressing room.

One wonders how much antics such as the Pelligrini exchanges and the incident at Hull City have to do with it. Certainly if I was working for him I would have serious questions about his professionalism. No wonder the truly professional players have either left the club or have got their bags packed and plane tickets booked. Destination; f***ing anywhere.

This brings us on to the question of what happens now? Sadly, I really can’t see anything changing, if Ashley was going to get rid of Pardew he would have done so by now. Any employer that gave a damn about anything other than his profit line would have shown Pardew the door many moons ago.

The fact is though, from Ashley’s perspective, Pardew delivers. He has a manager that will never kick up a fuss when the rug is repeatedly pulled from under him, will never criticise those above him, and is probably more or less competent enough to keep NUFC in the league for the foreseeable future.

There will be some investment in the squad over the summer. Not much, but enough to keep us in our current state of treading water. It’s a similar situation to a couple of years ago when relegation reared its ugly head, causing Ashley to finally stick his hand in his pocket.

Expect one or two decent players to come in. Probably no one most of us have heard of but youngish players that will use the club as a shop window to sell themselves to bigger clubs at a decent profit. We’re not a football club any more. We’re a trader in football players. A fully profit orientated enterprise.

But what can we as supporters do about it? I agree with the idea of a stadium boycott. Perhaps just for one match in order to make the point. It won’t make much difference to Ashley’s bottom line but it will be a very obvious symbolic gesture that we as fans are United in our disaffection and won’t f***ing take it anymore. The trouble is that I really can’t see that happening.

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to suggest that 99% of NUFC supporters are disgusted, disappointed and just plain saddened at what’s happened to our once glorious club. The trouble is that not enough people are willing to organise and do anything about it. Apathy rules.

We’ve been ground into the dirt to the point where nobody even seems to care what happens to us anymore. We want it to be over but it just feels like there’s nothing we can do to affect change. I don’t have the answer and I’m not sure if anyone does. What I would like to do is ask a question though:

What needs to happen for us all to stand up and make the point that we’re not going to take it anymore?


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