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If Alan Pardew Told Me The Grass Was Green I’d Want A Second Opinion

8 years ago

Where do you start with Alan Pardew?

In years gone by, if you were in the bar after the match when Kevin Keegan or Sir Bobby was interviewed, the same scenario would be played out each week.

No matter how packed the pub might be, a little bit of shushing and within seconds everybody would have cottoned on to the fact that the manager was due to speak, so fans would temporarily stop their post-match conversations, the volume would be turned up on the TV and everybody would listen.

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Even if the team had lost that day, supporters would still be interested in what KK and Bobby had to say, because they spoke from the heart and generally a lot of sense.

Now we have Alan Pardew, whose comments are becoming so embarrassingly divorced from reality that fans either get angry, laugh, or a bit of both.

Instead of speaking from the heart, ‘Pards’ gives us a mish-mash of half truths, lame excuses and a total distortion of what we have all just witnessed.

In fact the only time when he sounds believable, it as though he has forgotten to follow his script and once he is reminded of this, you can rest assured that next time the Newcastle manager speaks he will instantly correct the true picture that accidentally had slipped out the time before.

Not so long ago Pardew was telling us all that Mike Ashley knew little about football and now magically apparently he knows a lot, no doubt after actually bothering to come to a few matches after being absent for almost the whole season.

A month or two back Pardew was promising us he would no longer be using injuries as an excuse because the fans were sick of him saying it. Only to then recently talk of an injury crisis when in fact there were only 2 or 3 players missing.

Then really stretching any credibility, Pardew this weekend blamed the defeat on [intlink id=”41724″ type=”post”]missing ten senior players[/intlink], supporters bemused as this is blatantly not true.

Of course we had Pardew claiming two summers ago that we would be signing a number of players to build on the the fifth place finish, only to then tow the line when Ashley refused to spend any money and declare that it was great we hadn’t signed anybody as it gave the young players a chance!

Likewise, in recent times Alan Pardew has stated that major rebuilding work was needed on his squad, only to then be pulled back into line in recent days, repeating the crazy party line of only one or two are needed this summer.

Also after the Stoke shambles, Alan Pardew actually had the nerve to say fans were giving him and his team stick because the [intlink id=”41730″ type=”post”]local press had influenced them[/intlink] this week, intimating that they weren’t capable of making up their own minds.

The United boss also has a very annoying habit of trying to dilute just how bad things are by making comments that if you didn’t have a clue as to the truth, and believed what he said, then you might well think well what are people/fans complaining about? In this category a prime example this weekend was Pardew talking about having a little poor run recently that a decent result would pull us out of – the stark reality being that in the last eight Premier League home matches since Boxing Day, [intlink id=”41747″ type=”post”]Newcastle have only scored two goals and conceded seventeen[/intlink] – losing six of them and being very lucky to win the other two with injury time winners. Plus an overall record of only 4 wins in the last 17 matches in all competitions.

Every time Alan Pardew speaks now, he simply loses a bit more credibility, if indeed he has any left.

The very strange relationship between Pardew and Mike Ashley is surely being sorely stretched, but are those hidden links in their relationship which led to his actual initial appointment from obscurity, enough to keep the Newcastle manager in his job despite making the club an even bigger laughing stock every time he opens his mouth?

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