Time to call the AA*, breakdown service on the scene, give Cisse a 17 year old’s boots to clean.

I don’t mean to be mean, but Papiss is obscene, a diss to the dream of a team full of Geordies, or at least one that promises glories, not promotes has-beens, whose laborious ‘skills’ are a bullet to the spleen of the ambition they gun down proverbially.

team full of geordiesI’d like to think it’s a phase, but to raise expectation never reaps gains when your club’s run by stooges who crave profit over the wish to succeed.

Their cloth is cut on the cheap, our leaps of faith are naive as each crushing defeat takes us closer to our knees.

Please don’t think I speak of a 1-0 beatdown at lowly Fulham’s feet, it’s the rotten setup behind the scenes we should be worried about – we can shout and scream, but it’s as much use as punching a horse in the teeth…

I don’t have the solution, I just know we’ve got beef.

(I often perform spoken word and thought this might be a nice change of pace for the website, just something I quickly penned today! )

*AA = Adam Armstrong!