Reading some of the replies to pieces written on here since the Toon last played at ‘ull is making my sides ache.

  1. Pardew the nutter
  2. The new MD
  3. The massive Summer
  4. The Rangers thing

– To name only four.

1. Pards will get it in the neck from these Newcastle haters, it wouldn`t surprise me if they tether him to the ‘umber bridge for every game left this season as a punishment.

alan pardew community serviceNot to mention the wait for the self imposed Alan Pardew community service and where and when it will take place. Looking forward to that cos I will be there to urge him on. Or he can come and mow my lawn, wash my car and do some decorating for me, then when he gets it wrong I can lay the heed on him.

2. Pick a name from his gambling club members list, it will be no doubt someone who owes him big style.

Alan Sugar would be good, he would sack all of the garbage we have here. Oops no he wouldn`t, he`s the one who produces the garbage. Maybe Alf Garnet as he is a larf isn’t he? and we need cheering up.

3. The massive summer will see Mike, AP, JC and the others on his boat lapping it up with the fan`s £200,000 while we still go to work to spend our hard earned on season tickets in the hope that, at least 4 or 5 top quality players will come in. The only one doing anything constructive will be Mr Carr, under Mike`s instruction to shop at Lidl and not blow more than a few mill on 26 players.

4. Oh how I don`t feel sorry for the Rangers supporters because I know they have been laughing at us for a few years, I know this because I have a lot of mates up there. So I say to them via this, what a shame for them and they are welcome to Ashley with all of our best wishes for a bumpy ride. I only hope that the takeover goes smooth and he sells the Toon beforehand.

All in all a canny week for me (apart from having a fiver on 1-3 @28-1 last week and with 11 seconds to go Anita spoiled it for me) with the funnies on here, and looking forward to the Fulham game and the 3 points that come with it.

I`m off now to watch the FA cup games and yes I am supporting `ull.