An interesting exercise as the table below shows what the Premier League table would look like if it only counted goals by English players.

I didn’t think we’d come out of it that well but….

Yes Newcastle haven’t won a match and if you are wondering how we have managed twenty draws, remember it relates to the other team scoring (or not) with English players as well – so there would be an awful lot of goalless draws as shown by this OPTA table.

The only saving grace is that United are in good company down at the bottom with amazingly Manchester City without a win either, a shocking state of affairs considering what they have spent, with a total lack of investment in attacking talent with the exception of the likes of James Milner…

At the other end, Liverpool are the stand out team and much talk at the minute of them potentially providing a core of the England team in Brazil. Southampton also come out of it very well and maybe surprisingly Manchester United as well, though I guess Wayne Rooney must take a lot of credit there.

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