The Dan Gosling betting misconduct charge we reported yesterday, is now said to have seen the Newcastle midfielder win just under £5000.

The Mirror have stated that Gosling has now donated that money to the Newcastle United Foundation, the club’s charitable arm, in advance of the FA personal hearing that the player has asked for.

dan gosling bettingGosling has admitted the offences but claimed he was unaware he could not gamble on any match, then when the FA contacted him he immediately handed over the details of his betting history.

The midfielder is said to have mainly backed Manchester United in the Champions League but also some bets on Premier League matches.

Talk about luck though – Gosling had been gambling for two years previously and lost throughout that time, only starting to win this season and then getting caught out.

The old chestnut of football players having too much time and money on their hands is also hinted at, with it reported that Gosling got into the habit while he spent a long time out injured.