Alan Pardew has attempted to put his touchline/stadium bans into perspective.

When asked at the pre-Fulham press conference about his FA charge, the Newcastle boss has pointed to the fact that the latest ban makes it only 2 in 678 matches as a manager.

stadium ban“When I come out of this I have to be a better manager.

“I have had something like 678 games, I have only had one touchline ban before this one but that doesn’t mean what I did has any kind of justification.

“I spoke to the LMA (League Managers Association) about maybe some management consultant issues I could look at, that might help.

“In the short-term I’m in the stand and before that I’m not even in the stadium.”

For many of us, the endless repetition of the ‘headbutt’ stuff has all become a little tedious as it gets talked around in circles and exactly how much of a negative effect the manager missing from the touchlines, or a stadium ban has, is open to question.

I would hazard a guess that if some statto looked at results across football when managers are missing, there will be every little deviation from a club’s usual results.

I had to smile though at Alan Pardew plucking the reference to ‘…something like 678 games’  as though it was something he’d just thought about saying (rather than saying being a manager for around 700 matches), rather than a fact he’d made a conscious effort to find out.

It was a bit of a John Motson moment, similar to when the very much past his best (if he ever had one) commentator, pulls out a random fact that has nothing to do with what is actually happening in front of him but that he is desperate to tell everybody about.