Interesting that at Alan Pardew’s pre-match Chelsea press conference, he has revealed that it was a case of Joe Kinnear sacked rather than resigning as had previously been reported.

With the manager putting this message out, you can only assume that it has been done on the orders of Mike Ashley, wanting to make it clear – or at least give the impression, thta JFK was given the push rather than jumped.

kinnear sackedThis is what Pardew had to say on the subject;

“I am sad to see anybody lose their job and he (Kinnear) did a lot of good work here – but the decision was the board’s decision.”

While we can all guess just how ‘sad’ Alan Pardew really was at the decision to get rid of our ridiculous Director of Football, it is a bit disingenuous to talk of it being a ‘board’ decision, unless that is he means the Sports Direct board!

The NUFC ‘board’ consists of two administrators in accountant John Irving and secretary Lee Charnley. I know as Newcastle fans we are all deluded but you would have to go off the delusional scale to believe it was the decision of those two to bin Kinnear, rather than Mike Ashley himself.