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Newcastle United – Wrestling With The Truth

8 years ago

I don’t know what is more depressing; the ruthless way Mike Ashley is dismantling Newcastle United, or the fact a website most people have never heard of can produce a story with absolutely no substance that then becomes ‘fact’ when it is repeated a hundred times later?

The story you may have guessed is the one that has Newcastle United being bought by Vince McMahon, the person who controls World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

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I’m not going to give any publicity to the website who started this latest nonsense but basically all it amounted to was that a source/sauce had ‘told’ them McMahon was interested;

“Vince McMahon is sniffing around Newcastle United and appears keen on pursuing his interest.

“He sees England as an untapped market for his wrestling empire and has even indicated he could put wrestling bouts on at St.James’ Park’.”

Talk about making it up as you go along.

When McMahon was linked with Newcastle United a few years ago, it was treat as a big joke by everybody in the press and while most fans can see it as plainly a feeble attempt to attract visitors to a little known website, sadly some get taken in by any nonsense and the press of course are only too happy to cynically feed that.

The story is being covered in a small way in America but purely in the style of linking it with the whole slapstick nature of wrestling in the states, not as anything to be taken seriously.

Does it do any harm? Maybe not, but it does I think have a negative side of further branding both our club and the fans, by association, as even more of a joke. This to a background of Mike Ashley destroying Newcastle United and the national press not having the remotest clue, or any real interest, as to exactly what is going on at St.James’ Park.

Ironically, Vince McMahon could be swooping into Newcastle only four days after the end of this season. However, his visit will be only to relieve Geordies of their hard earned cash via ridiculously over priced tickets and merchandise when his WWE roadshow hits Newcastle Arena.

I don’t think I need to tell you that this WWE Newcastle date in May, will undoubtedly coincide with further hogwash that McMahon is flying in to finalise the deal (to buy NUFC, not the real one where he’ll be selling £50 t-shirts etc).

As Mr.McMahon might say himself (sadly you pick up these things when such a rubbish story comes along) “Oh Hell No.”


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