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Newcastle United – Trapped In A Vicious Circle

8 years ago

So the club says Ashley owed £129m and not a penny has been paid off it since 2007 and he is getting free advertisements all over the place for nowt, as he has kindly decided to make the debt interest free (eye for an eye?)!

So this means that we will go around in circles forever, debt not paid and free advertisements! The club won’t make money to pay the debt because it doesn’t generate enough commercial revenues as the owner has packed the place with his own brands for free and as that is the case the debt is not moving at all!! What a limbo – trapped in a vicious circle.

Now, if that is not draining resources then I don’t know what is! Daylight robbery? It can’t be theft as he owns the club.

It is clear now that this man does not want the club to move forward (on the pitch), no doubt about it. What we all have been speculating is now true; the strange cup exits, the transfer policies, the manager, and the total feeling surrounding the club with the lack of ambition.

Keegan was right when he said the club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley and the best day will come when someone buys it from him and runs it like that club should be run.

For a retail genius (I’ll give him that) Ashley should know the importance of the customer and end user which is in this case us the fans. Doesn’t he want to please his clients?

Ok, so the club made £9m last season, why doesn’t he deduct that from the debt? I’d take that. And with the no spending this season and the extra revenue the club will achieve (I am expecting £35-45m at least), why doesn’t he chuck all that money towards the debt?

Also charge the average interest and therefore remove all that Sport Direct (and the rest of his brands) signs from the club?

I am sure that if he was doing that during the last 7 years then the debt would have been cut in half. On the other hand Pardew has claimed that he will have a big kitty in the summer to buy players.

Well mark my words, the net spending will be less than £10m as he will sell 5-6 players before buying any new ones, and the rest of the profit will disappear, and not be re-injected into the club.

If you want this man out then there is only one way to get rid of him.

Boycott. Get united and boycott his shops, merchandise, matches, anything that adds to his wealth.

All the fans should get united and co-ordinate a one match boycott, not show up, a complete empty stadium (just some away fans), 1 game to prove a point, 1 game to show the owner that we mean business, 1 game to save the club. It has to be done. Pick a Sky televised game and boycott it, don’t go, watch it at home or in the pub, just don’t go.

I doubt that will ever happen as we just can’t be united.

I am sure that Ashley has no worries as he will be thinking: oh, those daft Geordies won’t turn their backs on the team and will always turn up and buy shirts and tickets.

Want him out, then get united and do it, or just put up with the circus till further notice.

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