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The Newcastle United Soul – Are We Losing It?

8 years ago

As with many contributors and those commenting on this site, as I sat at the match on Wednesday night and at many previous matches (The last 2 derby games, Liverpool last season, Tottenham, Cardiff, added to many games during the relegation season, the list goes on). I felt another bit of the Newcastle United soul, of something that was once great, slip away. And I have to confess all that seems to remain is a hollow husk of a once great love affair where all parties are just going through the motions until one or other passes away, or finds a new love.

In the past I have always tried to see the logic behind the decisions made by the club in terms of financial stability etc. and understand how things might get better, but I have to admit now that I was wrong. The club is being run for profit only and to maximise advertising revenues for other business ventures. The only way money will ever be spent is if the TV money is at risk of being removed and the advertising machine would need money pumped into it to keep it going.

Having said all of this, I do not fully agree with the demonstrations and uproar of the past, although with each match that passes I sympathise more and more with those groups. The reason I disagree is I feel it makes us less attractive to any potential investor, as let’s be honest if I was a foreign billionaire (let’s face it they would have to be foreign as there are no Geordie ones that I know of), would I want to invest my money in Newcastle? For all its potential gains it may well be a lot of hard work, I could quite easily buy someone like Everton or Villa for half the money and half the trouble.

I want Ashley out, the only way I can see it happening is if the fans get organised and make a concerted effort to buy the club. It could then be run in a democratic way with elected representatives, properly appointed chairman, managers, scouts. Continuously reviewed and voted on with a set term in office. Successful representatives would be re-elected and those not up to the job would be voted out.

The Ashley Era has proven one thing, the club is financially viable and could exist and can compete in a self-funded way. Success and strategic, but planned, investment could even reap much larger rewards and opportunity for reinvestment (The fabled Champions League).

So I ask you the following questions:

Do you want your club back?

Do you think it could work?

Would you invest?

All comments welcome.


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