My sporting hero story begins in 1993, making me 10 years of ages and happily attending Broadwood School in the West of the City of Newcastle.

The school had hired a bus, for the first and only time in my junior school years, and we set off on a journey to who knows where, as there was an opening of a newly built community building that my class was attending.

sporting heroHaving spent ten years living in the West End of Newcastle during this period, I had no idea that they actually built buildings as well as knock them down; what a revelation, so I happily set off to see this spectacle.

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On arrival I was lucky enough to be at the front near the ribbon as it was being cut, I suspect this was mainly due to my stupid curly hair and ears that were not meant for my head. I was given an autograph book with a Newcastle shield on the front, I had seen it before, down at the football stadium.

A man with curly hair like mine appeared and everyone cheered. I had seen this man before on the television. Wow, imagine that, a man from the TV in Newcastle and chatting to me. He signed my new autograph book and on chatting discovered that we shared the same birthday. You could say I was star struck, but I still had no idea who the man was.

So on the bus home, I asked my teacher, Mr Walker, who he was. He replied that it was Kevin Keegan; he’s the Manager of Newcastle Football Club.


And so began my unhealthy obsession with all things Newcastle United Football Club, that being 51% love and 49% hate.

Whatever anybody says about Kevin Keegan; cant follow through, tactically inept…

Whatever anybody says about Newcastle United; Goldfish bowl, all about money…

I know one thing.

I would 51% do it all again.

Who was your first sporting hero?