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Newcastle United – 140 Protest Problems

8 years ago

Following on from my almost trial separation from my beloved Newcastle, I set about trying to get answers on what brought me to this situation and what I can do about it, though it only brought me 140 protest problems..

Social media is a great thing isn’t it, trawling various forums and 140 character interactions, I came across loads of ideas to try and put the situation right, some credible protests and others’ ridiculous ideas.

Then after going to meet up with Newcastle again at the church of St James yesterday, I watched intrigued as I saw a protest group in very small numbers with a local MP handing out leaflets.

It got me thinking, why is there not more people supporting these?

Surely the cause is a good one, surely more than a handful of people really care, I remember the protest heydays with a good old “sack the board/sit down sit down” protest outside the back of the Milburn stand culminating in a good old handbrake turn by a charging slavering horse into the masses (they always had the effect of turning a sit down protest into a jump up and sprint for your life protest).

Why were they well supported then, when there were probably only 20,000 of us at the match but a hefty percentage of this congregated afterwards to voice our opinion.

Then it dawned on me what the problem is. Social media is a cause of this problem. It isn’t really good after all is it?

Take this scenario, some 13 year old pubescent boy full of angst, puts up an idea on Twitter or Facebook that he dreamed up and it spreads like wildfire, we are going to walk out five minutes before half time.

It is then dismissed by many as fast as it has been read, but not before the rumour has been etched into some and passed on.

Then someone else comes along with a boycott (or boycout) idea, again as fast as it is read the apathy around it rears up, but enough talk about it.

Then another and another and so on.

What has suddenly dawned on me here is we now have a plethora of protests to choose from. It’s like a “Just eat” (other takeaway ordering services are available) of protests.

It was never like this back in the day, protests felt more spontaneous ‘right lads, that’s the final whistle now we’re off to the back of the Milburn to protest’, none of this TwittFace malarkey.

Now we have a selection of protest menus to choose from, is it really all apathy or is it confusion??

What shall I order, shall I go for the one from them or should I choose that other one?

But I don’t know what they are like, what if I don’t like the one I choose, I can’t order from both can I. I tell you what, stuff it, I will just go for my usual…….

I will have a turn up and do nothing please.

Until the utopian one ordering system comes about, I fear that this ‘what seems like a lack of support for the cause’ won’t change.


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