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A New Low For Newcastle United

8 years ago

It’s now 45 years since we won anything and I feel a new low for Newcastle United.

It occurred to me today that this means the majority of our fans have probably never seen us lift any silverware, myself included. In this time we’ve endured a series of unfortunate events at Gallowgate. We’ve all got our own opinion of the lowest point in Newcastle’s recent history (Post yours in the comments below).

Recently in the true faith forum on facebook, I posted that I felt that our current situation was a new low for Newcastle United. Of course, I failed to adequately explain myself and timed the post awfully – the first half of the Chelsea match. I think the phrase is ‘set upon’.

Understandably, many of the older supporters felt a strong urge to disagree. A game of one-upmanship began as people described their worst ever away trip. “This is like a sh** version of ‘This Is Your Life’” someone remarked.

But I stand by my comment.

Like I said, everyone has their own opinion of Newcastle’s lowest point. It all depends on your own personal experience and we all have had different experiences. All we can agree on is that there have been lots of sh** times and they’ve all been nightmarish in their own way. Our current situation is a new low for Newcastle because it’s a different kind of nightmare.

Anyone who hasn’t read Billy Furious’ book ‘A Mag For All Seasons’ should definitely buy a copy. In it, Billy describes the 92-93 promotion season. Billy describes the people of Newcastle as the lifeblood of the city and the football club its beating heart. At the end of the first chapter he notes it was feared if we lost to Leicester on the last day of the 91-92 season that the heart would cease beating forever.

Of course that didn’t happen. We survived, Keegan led us to the top and we all know the rest of the story.

Applying the same analogy to present day Newcastle United, the heart is pumping and is apparently in no danger of cardiac arrest any time soon. We’re safe from relegation again, sat comfortably in 8th place. Therein lies the problem, we’re comfortable. This is the best we can ever hope to do now, since the cups ‘aren’t worth competing for’, and we clearly don’t want to qualify for the Europa league again.

We have no ambition and yet the heart will continue to pump the lifeblood of the city for the foreseeable future. A frankly astonishing 48,000 mags proved that on Sunday against Villa. However, just because your heart is beating it doesn’t mean you’re not in a coma. Sleeping giant indeed.

The once almost tangible anticipation that hung around the club in the close season seems to have evaporated under the intense wave of cynicism more familiar to us these days. The delirious excitement that we so often felt when daft rumours circulated that we were going to sign Rooney, Ronaldo or Beckham was forgivable, given our propensity to splash out on big name players such as Shearer, Owen and Woodgate. We had ambition, even if we were short-sighted in our efforts to achieve our goals.

This is a new low for Newcastle United football club. I defy anyone to point to a time when the club has had this little ambition and the toon army this much apathy. There were some dark times but there has always been hope.

Hope that despite our poor league finish the previous season our new signings would lead us to glory, hope that we’d win something, or at the very least, hope that we’d be able to get rid of the current regime if things were really sh**.

Without ambition we have no hope of winning anything or achieving anything better than a high mid-table finish. We’re just an advertisement for cheap sportswear and loan sharks.

Newcastle United are completely hopeless at the moment. When have we ever said that before?


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