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Tyne Talk

Must Read – One Newcastle Fan Who Speaks For So Many

8 years ago

The Mike Ashley Newcastle shambles has really come to a head in recent days, with the Cabaye sale and no new players bought in a year.

The predictable end result of this short-sighted ruthless policy, was that despite only a couple of key players missing, Newcastle’s team contained so many weaknesses against the mackems that it could have been more than three goals on Saturday.

Both before and after the weekend, an overwhelming number of people have expressed their disgust at the running of the club and packed in their season tickets, or at least vowed to do so at the end of the season.

While anonymous people spouting off on social media that they are allegedly binning their season tickets is one thing, the number of people I personally know who have taken this step (giving up season tickets) is staggering.

I received a copy of the following from somebody who I have known for a lot of years, I played football against him and used to see him home and away week in week out, then he ended up writing for The Mag from the early issues, some twenty five years ago.

When life intervened (work, family etc) he knocked the Mag contributions on the head some years ago but I would still see him at the matches.

If I had to guess, David Edwards would have been in the last 5% to ever give up their season tickets, read below why he is now doing so and if Mike Ashley is in any doubt about the groundswell against him, he would be wise to take notice.

It is clear so many fans have now simply had enough and I take my hat off to Mr.Ashley, he’s done to David and others what I would have thought impossible, he should be ashamed but fat chance of that.
Dear NUFC Box Office,

David Edwards – 11980

I have been a loyal NUFC season ticket holder since 1984 – 30 consecutive seasons and a ‘pay at the turnstile’ in seasons prior to that.

However this last few weeks and build up of the last few years has seen me now cancel my season ticket subscription from 2014/15.

During this period, there have been many ups and downs often more lows). Players, managers and Boards have come and gone. However enough is enough with this current regime.

I am not alone in feeling completely apathetic / depressed after being constantly fed  a regular diet of lies and more lies from a puppet-manager without a ‘back bone’ frightened to say it ‘as it is’ in respect of a paper thin squad and a Senior Management Team/Board whose silence is deafening and lack of ambition is there for all to see. The ‘plan’ has nothing to do with investing in the football team and challenging at least for a cup. We don’t have the expectation that some suggest, but a glimmer of hope wouldn’t go amiss.

Systematically the club is being raped.

The heart of the club has been ripped out.

Those generating an atmosphere were moved and then tricked.

The ground has been defiled (previously disgracefully renamed) and still bears the names of two companies that pose more concerns than enough around the perimeter – is that what it has come to?

Attracting quality sponsorship and substantial merchandise sales must be nigh on impossible….who would want to be associated with that lot?

Club legends (Keegan, Shearer….) have been treat with disgraceful contempt.

Investment in the “squad” very limited

A  ground tour for a Father’s Day present from last year left me depressed, the place was ‘soul-less’

I could go on…..I am sure I won’t be the only one taking this decision.

It has hurt to do this, but it is the right decision until Mr Ashley and his team leave.

Notwithstanding what is happening at NUFC, football at this level has completely lost its soul and along with the likes of Sky TV have ‘killed the golden goose’ – it has become a foreign game obsessed with money!

The Premiership may be global and bring money to the UK but it’s only filling Corporate coffers and the bloated wages of footballers, agents, managers and many of whom just don’t care.

The Premier League has lead to the FA Cup and League Cup being completely devalued.

The Champions League is a perpetually money making machine for the same old clubs throughout Europe. Dare any club try to break in to their respective country’s top 2/4 and be prepared to have your players poached.

The Europa League is treat like a poison chalice with clubs moaning about two games a week, it’s group format awful/generates meaningless fixtures and allowing teams knocked out of the Champions League is just wrong (again – money, money, money….)

It is a gut wrenching moment but enough is really enough.

David Edwards

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