In the furore over the result of the Spurs match on Wednesday night, there was I think something overlooked.

Nigel Walker died at a ridiculously young age. This was a player who was well liked at Newcastle and always gave 100% as a player.

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nigel walkerTo only mention him literally seconds after the half time whistle blew and large numbers of disgruntled fans moved out of their seats with minds on toilets, pints and pies, was to me an insult.

I could hardly make out what the announcer was saying and only caught Nigel’s name by chance.

It seemed to be done in as fast a way as possible on order to get that stupid roller ball competition underway.

We have had minutes silences and clapping for officials we have never heard of, royals and politicians with no interest in football, to name only a few.

That a similar courtesy could not be arranged for one minute before kick off on Wednesday was, to me, an insult to Nigel’s memory and to his family.

(See an article we featured yesterday which was a fitting tribute to Nigel Walker – who sadly died on February 2 2014, at the tragic young age of 54, click HERE to read it)