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An Empty St James Park Is The Only Way For Hope Of A Great Future

8 years ago

‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’, if you’re not familiar with this title of a song by Gill Scott Heron please check it out, it’s one of the great protest songs.

Protest, specifically public protest, is exactly what is required. The excuses have already been filed by many as to why they cannot possibly join a boycott of games.

“I’ve already paid” (yes, paid Mr Ashley to ruin the club).

“I won’t let him force me out of MY club” (it is actually HIS club no matter how many capital letters you use.

“It won’t make a difference if it’s just me” (and thinking like this is exactly what Mr Ashley loves).

The key issue however is that football fans are very difficult to organise as we all have different opinions on what form the action should take, so let’s look at a few suggestions.

Boycott Sports Direct Stores

Sports Direct has stores all over the country, and in continental Europe, if a few stores in the North East of England see a downturn in the sale of Lonsdale tracksuits I am sure the owner won’t lose too much sleep. No effect at all on Mike Ashley.

Don’t Buy Food and Drink at the Game

The catering contract at St James’ Park is sold by tender to a catering company, he already has his money from this, by not buying food and drink at the game you just hurt someone else’s business. No effect at all on Mike Ashley.

Chanting and Singing Rude Songs at the Game

This has been going on for a long time, has it bothered him recently? No.

You’re already at the game and filling his stadium, swelling this idea of the loyal Geordie supporter, decorating his stadium and looking good for the MOTD cameras. Mike isn’t there to hear you because Mike doesn’t care what you say, think or do. No affect at all on Mike Ashley.

Turning Up 15 Minutes Late

Ok, so this might have some effect for a televised match if the stadium was empty at kick-off. However, if you’re going to miss the first 15 minutes then why not miss it all? That would really send a message in front of the Sky, BT or MOTD cameras and get people around the world talking.

Reasons For The Boycott

The club is virtually assured survival in the league, the manager has publicly announced that our remaining ambition for the season is to finish above the worst Manchester United side in living memory, and our players look like they’re already on their summer holidays, or planning their next transfer move out of this stupidity, so what would you really be missing?

All that is going to hurt the Ashley is damaging his brand, and the way to damage his brand (Sports Direct) is to make a mockery of their Premier League advertising board (Newcastle United), imagine the Sky cameras on an empty stadium, imagine just how big a story that would be worldwide, that would truly make the owner take notice surely.

We need to show that we will not be treated like this, we need to show that we can unite, that we love our club so much that we are prepared to go the extra mile to get this parasite out.

Think about all he’s done, admitting to lying to you, disrespecting club legends, selling our best player three times without replacement, relegation, breaking up the singing section for nothing but pure spite, Dennis Wise, Ignacio Gonzalez, Joe Kinnear.

Remember the pride we once had in seeing Alan Shearer, a Geordie centre forward being the scourge of the league, remember nights in Barcelona and Milan, remember Ginola, Lee, Albert, Speed, Ferdinand, even remember the good times we shared with Dabizas, Srnicek, Barton, Beresford.

Remember when it used to be great, it used to be fun, we used to have pride and ask yourself do you want it back again?

I do, I want it all back and I’m not prepared to accept Mike Ashley’s brand of Newcastle United any more, are you?

I call upon the local media, forums and even the national press, I call upon former players, managers and people who love Newcastle United. Step forward, give the fans a focal point, give them a banner to rally behind and know that they are not alone.

Get organised and show this charlatan that Newcastle United and the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne has not lost its pride, has not sold out to a southern billionaire, that we are not apathetic to the cause and we will not bow our heads.

It’s no longer a case of it being something that could happen or should happen, it is something that has to happen and has to happen now. For the remainder of this season I call on St James’ Park to be left as a silent monument to our great past, in the hope of an equally great future.


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