Maybe they should have a programme a bit like that kids say the funniest things, but have it about football managers, if they did then Alan Pardew could present it, with his latest ‘Who Dares Wins’ revelation the latest in a long line of off the wall statements from the Newcastle manager.

While I often have trouble keeping a straight face when the United boss speaks at press conferences pre and post-match, this is strange even by his standards.

who dares wins

‘You Plonker(s)?’

Alan Pardew claimed the following before last Sunday’s match;

“I had somebody very special visit me from the SAS, he game me a little medallion and I thought – ‘I might need a little bit of that getting out of the stadium’, so I put it in my pocket.”

Then the manager revealed what he hoped would come out of his ‘SAS/Delboy’ inspired win over Villa;

“I’m hoping this trend continues like it did after the first away win (at Villa).

“Villa have always been fortunate for me as a manager and sometimes you have those moments.”