I write this at 11:40pm on Monday night and Sky Sports have just informed Newcastle fans of the fact that Newcastle United have agreed ‘’in principle’ for Yohan Cabaye to hold talks with Paris St.Germain after an improved bid was allegedly accepted.

The emotions are overwhelming amongst supporters.

newcastle fansEverything ranging from resignation to anger, from upset to acceptance. I think just about every one of us knew Cabaye would be leaving but the fact we have got to 27 January without any movement forward in pursuit of incoming signatures, is again something which will stick in the throat. The only time I can relate to here is when Andy Carroll left.

Carroll was ‘my’ player. I fell in love with the guy. The strong no.9 who was just as capable to win in the air as he was on the ground and someone who had a good goal record, who could have been here for many years. The events of the final day of the January transfer window in 2011 seem to be something which, even today, Newcastle fans aren’t truly over. And today will open up old wounds.

Cabaye has proven in his time here that he is a class act. There is no two ways about it. Whatever happened last summer…I don’t really know. And I suspect you don’t. But, the fact is, as a footballer, he has provided us with some pretty special moments. The winner at Old Trafford in December, scoring  at the dark place and numerous goals of frightening quality, just like the free-kick conversion in London a couple of weeks ago which has contributed greatly to what most of us will call a ‘decent season’ so far.

However…what cannot be repeated here is what happened after the Carroll sale.

WHEN Yohan Cabaye leaves, there can be no hangover. Norwich City away provides a fantastic opportunity for three more points away from home. Unlike Fulham away in 2011 when a meek United side provided nothing all game and literally accepted a 1-0 loss lying down, we must channel our energies into picking up a positive result.

Saturday then provides us with what we would all have assumed is a golden chance for not only three points but setting the record straight. Let’s try and put this transfer window mess aside.

At the time of writing this I don’t know who will be playing against Norwich, or who will be playing against sunderland.

I don’t know what the atmosphere will be like for both games and I certainly wouldn’t dare to predict what sort of performance we can expect from a team suddenly deprived of their most creative outlet in a team which, in general, doesn’t score too many goals.

On Tuesday and on Saturday we need to be United. It’s not the time for accepting defeat. It’s not a time to be directing our fury at the board. It’s a time for Newcastle United to be one and get six points from two games we should be winning. Sing your hearts out. Stamp your feet. Scream until you spit blood. Make an atmosphere.

We absolutely MUST make St. James’ Park a cauldron of noise on Saturday dinner time and prove what we all know…we are the bigger and better team. Get behind your team and show each and every player in Black and White why playing for us is really quite something.

Yohan might be moving onto bigger and better things but the rest aren’t. They’re here and they will give us their all. Let’s give them all we’ve got too.

Keep the Faith.